ZABARDAST – A High Altitude Travel Diary


Sweet Gary above.

This teaser is enough to make a hardened ski mountaineer weep salty man-tears all over the screen of his iPhone.

The Travel.

The Culture.

The Mountains.

And holy shit, The GNAR.

This crew of lunatics is really getting after it in Karokoram.

And hot damn they’re making it look good.

Dive into this beast of a teaser and weep tears of nostalgia for trips like this one, even if they haven’t happened yet.





“The intimate travel diary of an incredible freeride expedition into the heart of the Karakoram range. The search for one of the most beautiful mountains to ski on the planet, standing at 5880m. An adventure so remote, so high, so commited that no mistakes were allowed. During five weeks, the crew got deeper and deeper inside Pakistan, with a 150 km loop in complete autonomy, pulling sleds filled with food, tents and solar panels across gigantic glaciers. As far from home as one can get. A meeting point of Freeriding and Mountaineering. A true adventure. –

Le carnet de voyage intime d’une incroyable expédition de freeride au coeur du Karakoram. À la recherche d’une des plus belles montagnes à skier du globe, s’élevant à 5880m. Une aventure humaine tellement isolée, tellement haute, tellement engagée qu’aucune erreur n’était permise. Pendant cinq semaines, le groupe s’est enfoncé de plus en plus profond à l’interieur du Pakistan, avec une boucle de 150 km à faire en autonomie complète, tirant des luges remplies de vivres, de tentes et de panneaux solaires à travers de gigantesques glaciers. Loin, très loin de la maison. Une rencontre entre le Freeride et l’Himalayisme. Une véritable aventure.”

– Directed by Jérôme Tanon, author of “The Eternal Beauty Of Snowboarding“. Produced by Picture Organic Clothing in association with Almo Film.

Starring : Thomas Delfino, Léo Taillefer, Zak Mills, Yannick Graziani, Hélias Millerioux, Jérôme Tanon

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