Wingjump! WTF of the Week


The amazing thing about Euros is that you can never quite tell if they’re doing a parody of themselves consciously or unknowingly. Case in point – meet the Wingjump. A highly engineered mini speed wing to help skiers ever so slightly experience the sensation of flying. AKA an expensive umbrella that makes you look like you are wing suit base jumping but forgot to take your skis off.

I know what you’re thinking… this can’t possibly be real. Maybe it’s not, but they put a lot of effort into their video and website. Speaking of which, do not miss a chance to browse this website – it’s full of gold. Take the team page for example. These guys are my new hero.


The three different models of Wingjumps are all guaranteed to heighten your ‘sensations’ while skiing. Sign me up, I’ll take all three.


Watch this space. We here at are so excited about this new technology, we’ll be releasing our own more competitive and affordable ski wing this fall. Bring out the cough medicine because it’s gonna be sick.


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