Told You So: Whistler Snowpocalypse Put Out, And It Ain’t Finished


After enduring one of the warmest and lamest winter seasons in recent memory, Whistler rippers are absolutely frothing with hopes and dreams of a better season ahead. Every time promise of snowfall pokes its head on the internet, $#!t goes wild and the debates, hopes, speculation, and schedule juggling begin. They (and by they I really mean we) are just a weeeee bit sensitive to things like over-forecasting, freezing levels, FOMO, and more.

So back on Dec 2 when we shouted from the rooftops that Whistler Blackcomb was about to get 244cm (8ft) of snow in the alpine, things got bat-$#!t crazy. Buzz hit ‘the Facebook’ with tales of jinxing storms, people whined about soggy gloves and closed lifts on the warm days, and even one of our favourite knuckle draggers called out our sensationalism (fair enough!).

We tried to calm everyone’s nerves by revealing that El Nino is just a dirty hipster.

We even shared some tips on how a cynic can get through an El Nino season.

BUT GUESS WHAT FELLAS. Snowpocalypse did show up didn’t it? It put out big time, and isn’t even close to being done. It may not have all happened in the 7 days I asked for, but it snowed 221cm at mid mountain since our shameless claim, and probably 300cm+ in the alpine (where it didn’t rain).

In honour of the snowy madness, Doglotion.com has declared December 2015 an official government sanctioned #WhistlerSnowpocalypse month.

Find some inspiration below, cancel your work, do believe the hype, don’t speculate over any more weather forecasts (except for our relentless TMZ style hype of course), and go find out how good it is up there.

This week’s high alpine forecast for Whistler. Oh ya we went there. Anyone good at math?


Sarah Frood milking the only run we know in Whistler…

Then it started puking in technicolour down in the valley…

Sean Pettit popped some in bounds pillows…

Cody Townsend and the Salomon #MTNCollective are already skipping work in Whistler…

Looks like his home Henrik isn’t worried about meetings either…

Just gonna leave this one here… that’s a wrap.


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