Whistler Skier Logan Pehota Wins FWT Alaska 2016


To preserve the human race, aliens attacked the satellite that was supposed to live webcast this Haines AK Freeride World Tour event. Perhaps the world just wasn’t ready to watch this much bad-ass shredding go down in one place.  With near-perfect snow on beautiful spines and a genuine Alaskan ambiance, it was game on by the sounds of it.

After several days of waiting through inclement weather, the riders were finally able to catch a first glimpse of the face this morning when they were heli-ported to the remote venue over 30 miles from Haines.

The ENE-facing competition slope in Haines is known simply as “The Venue” and is over 600 vertical meters of pure Alaskan spines, airs, and aesthetically-featured powder fields. The venue is accessed only by helicopter, adding to the remote and isolated nature of this prestigious event. This year, the face was blanketed in an above-average snowpack giving riders confidence to send big lines.

After nearly a week of waiting though low clouds, light snow, and poor visibility, riders were treated to blue skies and a good visibility for the first time yesterday morning, and the spines were ready to rock.

Skier Loic Coulomb-Patten, the current tour leader. Freeride World Tour / D. Daher

Skier Loic Coulomb-Patten, the current tour leader. Freeride World Tour / D. Daher

Ski Men

Rookie Whistler ripper Logan Pehota continued his rookie season dominance with a win! FWT FTW!! He has consistently merged freestyle innovation with classic hard charging – yesterday was no different as he secured first place with a line featuring a stylish 360 combined with technical mastery. When it comes down to big lines, it was business as usual for Loïc Collomb-Patton (FRA – 2nd) as he crushed an aggressive start into a huge 360, but his 2nd place finish was not able to guarantee the title of world champion until his final trial in Verbier, Switzerland. Finding a spot on the podium has proved elusive for Drew Tabke (USA – 3rd) this season but his typical innovative line selection and massive backflip secured his third place finish and Verbier qualification.

Riders qualified for Xtreme Verbier, Switzerland
1- Loïc Collomb-Patton (FRA) – 6900
2- Logan Pehota (CAN) – 6500
3- Fabio Studer (AUT) – 5280
4- Kristofer Turdell (SWE) – 4815
5- Léo Slemett (FRA) – 4780
6- Reine Barkered (SWE) – 4560
7- Felix Wiemers (GER) – 4500
8- Stefan Hausl (AUT) – 4300
9- Jérémie Heitz (SUI) – 4295
10- Ivan Malakhov (RUS) – 4275
11- Dennis Risvoll (NOR) – 4090
12- Drew Tabke (USA) – 3955

Skier Logan Pehota getting 'er done. Freeride World Tour / J. Bernard

Skier Logan Pehota getting ‘er done. Freeride World Tour / J. Bernard

Ski Women

Eva Walkner (AUT – 1st) is now one step closer to earning her title of world champion by employing her tried-and-true method of powerful charging topped with a sizeable air. Matilda Rapaport (SWE – 2nd) had her finest finish of the season with a line that not only demonstrated technical mastery of the Alaskan terrain, but also featured an impressive air. Arianna Tricomi (ITA – 3rd) bit off slightly more than she could chew with a line that featured some of most consequential airs of the day but lacked an overall impression of control due to a backslap at the bottom of her line.

Riders qualified for Xtreme Verbier, Switzerland
1- Eva Walkner (AUT) – 7200
2- Arianna Tricomi (ITA) – 6280
3- Matilda Rapaport (SWE) – 5805
4- Jaclyn Paaso (USA) – 5755
5- Nadine Wallner (AUT) – 4955
6- Evelina Nilsson (SWE) – 4735

Freeride World Tour / D. Daher

Freeride World Tour / D. Daher

Out of the 31 riders competing in today’s event, only 28 will make the cut and move on to the season finale and world championships on April 2nd. The best three results of the 2016 FWT season will determine which riders make the cut and have a chance to go for the title of world champion in the final event at the Swatch Xtreme Verbier.

The Haines event is always one of the most anticipated events on the FWT because the Alaskan mountains offer some of the highest quality freeriding in the world. Yesterday’s competition was a fine example of how the top riders on the planet can take advantage of these fabled mountains to raise the level of the sport and produce a competition of the highest caliber. To review any moment of yesterday’s action check out the replay as soon as it becomes available on www.freerideworldtour.com.


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