Whistler-Based InstaGloaters Rewarded with 200mm’s of Rain


Oh we’ve done it now… we’ve made Todd very angry.

Remember Todd?

We used to ski with him in High School.

Todd was the man! He got all of the womens and skied ALL of the powders.

But then Todd got a job. And he got much less of the womens (just one I think) and even less of the powders.

We should all be pouring one out for our homie Todd.

But we did just the opposite on the weekend.

Instead we gushed shamelessly over social media:


Meanwhile, Todd—likely spackled by his newborn’s fecal offerings—was not having the best weekend ever.

You’d think it would be impossible to attend five separate brunches in two days. But that’s what Todd was up to.

All he had time to do was stare at his phone and see what a good time everyone was having without him.

We all told him that we were having “another best day ever” at “the office” (LOLz because it’s not actually an office!) and that our “lives were way better than Todd’s vacation”.

This did not please Todd.

And apparently Todd knows a guy who knows a guy. So now we have 200mm’s of Todd Juice coming our way.

Is it too late to say sorry, Todd?

#anotherdayattheoffice with Dwayne Wolokowski

#mylifeistoddsvacation with Simon Thomson

#boardin4lyfe with Heather Dufty.




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