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WATCH ‘Nebula’ Featuring Reuben Krabbe and Skiing in Outerspace


“Dude… what?…. We’re f%$k’in skiing in space?!” Fair reaction by skiers Nick McNutt and James McSkimming trying to wrap their heads around what the infamously creative and patient photographer Reuben Krabbe was up to. Equal parts mega-nerd and creative optimist, Reuben has made his mark in the photography world by concocting impossible images in his head, then going to the ends of the earth to pull them off.

Don’t blow it Reuben!… (Screen grab from Nebula)
The boys en route to their first shred session… in space. (Screen grab from Nebula)

His first hit single was his photo of Tobin Seagel night skiing deep in the Yukon with electric Northern Lights putting on a light show in the skies. The internet almost broke when a Reddit user picked it up and people bantered back ‘n forth for days about how the image could even possibly be real.

Reuben Krabbe photo.

Next up, he blew minds (ours included) for his work on ‘Eclipse’ – a film / photography project that found Reuben and a team of skiers backcountry wandering through the Norwegian Arctic with the impossible task of lining skiers up between a fleeting solar eclipse and a big-ass camera.

Chris Rubens, Cody Townsend & Brody Leven team effort. Who knows which one made the famous silhouette. March 20, 2015. Norway. Reuben Krabbe photo.

But hey, after pulling off the impossible, why rest, right? So Reuben decided to bite off the even-more-impossible’r by exploring his question “What would happen if I shot ski photos using a telescope? Like, a big mountain top, house size telescope?”

And just to make it even harder, why not throw in night, winter temps, and outer space into the mix?

Switch to full screen mode and step inside Reuben’s creative process, aspiration, love for mountains, and signature creativity, as he sets out to create what may be the most challenging ski photograph ever made.

Well worth your $1.99. It was an indie film effort so support the project and give’er!


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