Watch Erin Hogue & Vince Emond’s Winning ‘Uprising’ Slideshow


Whistler has seen it’s fair share of photography competitions over the years, but last week’s ‘Uprising’ event was one for the books. After Whistler Blackcomb’s annual Deep Winter Photo Challenge was put on ‘hiatus’, Whistler-based creative agency Origin came to the rescue of this awesome local gathering and made it awesome-r. They shook up the event format and also donated the proceeds to Protect Our Winters Canada.

The show featured 5 teams of photographers; Reuben Krabbe & Duncan Sadava, Mitch Winton & Matt Sylvester, Erin Hogue & Vincent Emond, Scott Serfas & Rob Lemay, and Mason Mashon & Tyler Ravelle. Erin’s team took home the People’s Choice popular vote and the biggest cheque, while Duncan Sadava won the judged category for ‘Best photo by an Up ‘n Comer’ and Mason Mashon won ‘Best Action Image’. Kudos to Mason for donating his big-ass cheque right back to Protect Our Winters Canada!

More than a slideshow, the event is a rare chance for 1000+ core local skiers and riders to gather in the middle of the ski season to celebrate all that is rad about our chosen lifestyle. #blessed, but also #grateful they did it. Without it we’d risk forgetting what our friends look like without goggles on.

This year’s event was especially refreshing because you could tell there was no cheesy corporate motive behind it. Even Whistler’s favourite MC, Mike Douglas, was looking more laid back than ever up on stage. The night just had a really good vibe, and really really good slide shows to back it up.

Big thanks to all the photographers, athletes and organizers who contributed to such an inspiring show.

Erin’s Winning Show


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