VIMFF Fall Series – Coming to a Vancouver Near You November 12-14th, 2015


Alright, let’s set the record straight. No one reading this in their right mind would live in a stinky city instead of the mountains. But hey, Vancouver ain’t so bad as far as they go. Mountains are close enough.

Nonetheless, if you’re the occasional city slicker that dabbles in living it up on the concrete streets like Jurassic 5 eloquently sung about years ago, there’s still hope for you in the name of the Vancouver International Mountain Film Festival.

Rollin’ into town on the weekend of November 12-14th, it’s sure to be a gooder.


Snow Show

Thursday night brings you Snow Show; an intimate evening with John Baldwin. You know, the guy who makes the backcountry maps you use all the time. Him and his partner Linda Bily are brewin’ up a tasty presentation for everyone to enjoy about their recent and never ending missions into the depths of the Coast Mountains.


Coastal Mountain man of mystery and modern day John Clarke photo: John Baldwin

As well, the critically acclaimed new flick from Sweetgrass Productions “Jumbo Wild” is being shown. This is a must see. Anything coming from Sweetgrass is gold but this gold is going towards a solid cause of spreading awareness of the planned “resortification” of Jumbo Galcier. It’s a no brainer. Get two birds stoned at once as Ricky from Trailer Park Boys says.

Rock Show

If sliding on snow isn’t your thing, well I don’t even know why you’re on this website right now. Anyway, VIMFF has got you covered on Friday with a presentation from local sea-to-sky born and bred crusher and overall dude Will Stanhope on his recent free ascent of the Tom Egan Memorial Route in the Bugaboos. Certified gnar sure to spark a fire in all of us skiers who may dabble in pebble wrestling.


Stanhope havin’ a moment on a pinner splitter photo: Taran Ortlieb

So come swing by. There’s something for everyone. Unless you’re into midget wrestling. As far as I know, they won’t have that.

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