Trailer Trash 2016 – All The Ski Film Trailers You Need In One Place


Thank god the production companies have been slacking this year. We used to make the Trailer Trash page in June or July, but atleast August is a tiny bit closer to winter. There’s no hiding from it now… the magazines are about to drop, and film trailers are coming in left and right. Here they are all in one glorious place. Let us know what we’ve missed.


Fresh new film from an up ‘n coming crew.

Level 1’s ‘Pleasure’

Now that is an action packed trailer. Well done lads. Even a non-jibber like myself wants to watch this flick.

TGR’s ‘Tight Loose’

Always the heaviest hitting big mountain film of the year. Don’t miss it. Plus we’re hosting the Whistler premiere, so we’re kinda biased.

MSP’s Rose & Ruin

This looks ridiculously rad. Two year projects are always winners. Looking forward to it, especially so we can get some ideas on what sand skiing will look like in a few years when climate change destroys the planet. Oh, not sure why MSP put Youtube ads on their trailers. Kinda ghetto if your video is already an ad for your own product, but hey, that’s just us.

Warren Miller’s ‘Here, There, and Everywhere’

Ya ya it’s Warren Miller, or rather the company that uses his name, but hey, it still counts.

Vice Versa from Good Company

Jib flick, with a bunch of dudes I haven’t heard of plus Tom Wallisch. If you’re into it, you’ll probably be into it.

4Frnt’s ‘HERE and NOW’

Oh baby this looks tasty.


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