TGR’s Paradise Waits Did Us Proud in Whistler This Weekend


First and foremost, Angel Collinson rips. For realz. And now back to our regularly scheduled program.

Angel Collinson gettin'er done.

Angel Collinson gettin’er done.

This past Canadian turkey weekend, the Doglotion.com crew was proud to bring yet another round of heavy hitting TGR ski porn to Whistler to properly kick off the build up to ski season. We’ve been hosting these shows since the dawn of time (aka about 10 years ago) and it’s been rad seeing the ever evolving cast of characters streaming through the doors to cheer on Whistler’s local rippers and the rest of the TGR crew. Hell, we’ve been doing it for so long that the original movie goers are now bringing their 4 year olds along for some mini stoke.

Like the years before it, TGR’s 2015 film Paradise Waits didn’t disappoint. I was worried about the title, and about the pathetic past winter.

Was it going to be a lame 60 minutes of pro skiers getting skunked with bad conditions? Hell no.

At times they lucked out big time (aka Japan), otherwise they made the most of mediocrity, such as turning the Golden BC backcountry into some kind of pow booter paradise on a season that was far from Utopian. And then of course there’s hardpack in Jackson, which I’ve never seen before, but it bowed to the radness of Tim Durtschi and his Girls Just Wanna Have Fun soundtrack.

Lets have a moment to enjoy Cyndi Lauper…

Oh wait, actually TGR just released the segment. Booyaa.

OK back to the program. Our local boys did good. TGR vets Ian McIntosh, Dana Flahr, and Nick McNutt threw down in the film, and we were privileged and stoked to have them at both our shows. Not an easy task considering what these boys get up to each fall.

Mac was good enough to share some stories of their heavy week at the huge Seattle and San Fran premiers, but more importantly their detour to Lake Tahoe to celebrate the life of their longtime friend and TGR legend Erik Roner. It certainly reminded the crowd of the inherent risks of an action sports athlete’s lifestyle, and we’re glad the local guys have kept their health over the years, including Mac’s comeback.

Once again the show wouldn’t have been complete without some Angel Collinson radness. She opened the film last year, and closed it this year, with a ridiculous segment that left the audience and even other TGR athletes with their jaws dropped. It’s no wonder film goers were shouting her name enroute to the Garfinkel’s after party, in hopes that she might manifest and come party with us. That didn’t materialize, but the Friday night dance floor crowd certainly did.

HUGE THANKS to everyone who makes this show such a kick-ass success every. First, to you, the crowd, and to the local athletes for getting er done. Next up, our homies at ATOMIC SKIS who came to bat again with some bad-ass prizing… Atomic Bentchetler and Automatic skis to dish out at the shows!

Thanks to our local event sponsors Surefoot Whistler, Doglotion.com, Clif Bar, The North Face, Whistler Blackcomb, G3 Genuine Guide Gear, Smartwool, Escape Route and Mountain FM. High fives to MY Millennium Place theatre and the staff and vollies. And big ups to the tour sponsors Sony, Atomic, The Ski Journal, CSS, Backcounty.com, BCA, Black Diamond, Clif Bar, Jackson Hole, Kastle, Line, Volkl, Scott, Smartwool, Smith, The North Face, True, Tourism Golden, Revelstoke Mountain Resort.

And the final word…


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