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#TBT What Ever Happened To… Chad Hendren


Next victim in our ‘What Ever Happened To…’ series – the one and only Chad Hendren. When we first interviewed Chad 10 whopping year ago (http://www.doglotion.com/athlete-profile-chad-hendren), he was already well into his skiing career. So it’s safe to assume in 2014 he’s out of the ski game, right? WRONG. Years upon years after Chad first moved to Whistler, he’s still keeping it unreal and skiing for a living all winter long.

DL: Chad, you were chargin’ the freeski scene before Sean Pettit was born. What’s kept you in the game so long?
Chad: Hahahaha Really ?   Damn I AM old !  it’s all frame of mind my friend, Very Rarely do I ever think I am my age or act it. There is a song by 7seconds that has been in my head since I was 16 “young til I die”.   Whats kept me in the game ?…… the constant drive to be better, stronger and smarter and the ultimate support of Extremely Canadian and sponsors of course.

DL: Seems like biking never let up either. Are you going to just keep sending it until you spontaneously de-manifest in the distant future?
Chad: Pretty much, I don’t really know what else to do. I have a hard time just taking it easy, its boring.  I have not resorted to golf or tennis or lawn bowling yet.

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DL: Back in the day you said the two sports were complimentary and helped you with the other. Still true? Wished you’d just picked one?
Chad: Ya most definitely still true !    Pick just one ?……  Ya I think about it everyday and I still can not choose just one sport. Would I be better off doing just one sport ?  Fack !  my brain turns itself inside thinking about it. Mental Issues indeed.   It is challenging doing both sports I always feel I am half a step back from everyone else, always trying to catch up.  Guess it helps me work harder.

DL: You’ve been keeping it real coaching for Extremely Canadian since the dawn of time. Best gig ever? Technically, um, you do know you’re a ski instructor right? 
Chad: Best gig ever hands down!  Heading in to my 14th year with Extremely and I see no end in the near future. I am a certified Level One ski Instructor and only because I had to be legit to work for EC. Technically you are correct. Please note I have never worn a ski instructors uniform. Does this make me a Twinkie ?

Another rough day at the office. La Grave. Photo by Sebastien Foissac.

DL: Since our last interview in 2003, how many…

  • Injuries have you chalked up? 5 surgeries – Two blown knees, Ankle rebuild, Shoulder rebuild, Wrist rebuild.
  • Hearts have you broken? yikes!
  • Times has Extremely Canadian sent you to foreign ski destinations? 4 Times – La Grave, France x 3 and Alagna, Italy x 1
  • Ski seasons have you missed? Have had a few half seasons due to injuries but no full seasons
  • Nachos have you eaten at Merlins? Way too many and way more to come. The nachos haven’t changed in 10 years, the only thing truly consistent in Whistler. Hahahaha

JB: Are you jealous of all the groms who are born right into fat skis and freeriding? Or glad you schussed around on skinnies when you were a kid?
Chad: Jealous?  Nah   Fat skis have made skiing to easy. I don’t see many grooms becoming good technical skiers but more buttery smooth hucksters with Huge Balls. Though I must say When I first moved to Whistler 100 years ago I was on 209 Kastle’s and I didn’t turn much and Hucked to flat alot.   Hahahahahaha.

Photo by Mark Going.

JB: Best ski movie of all time?
Chad: #1 Hot Dog (this movie changed my life) in a very close #2 There’s Something About McConkey

JB: Wise words of wisdom from an old man to the groms coming onto the scene?
Chad: For sure… Don’t be a Dick!  Respect everyone in life as they all have something to give. Be patient. Listen and learn. Set yourself realistic goals and stick to them then set higher goals. Be true to yourself and always strive for greatness.

JB: Any Props?
Chad: Huge thanks to Extremely Canadian, Rossignol, Columbia Sportswear, Smith Optics, Bern Helmets, Pow Gloves, the crew at Rampion Enterprises (Mons Royale, Projekt, 2UNDR) and Muscle MLK.  I Love all of you!

Should we do this again in ten years ?

Hendren Windlip Air
Photo by Chris Axel.


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