The Super Random Viral Ski Parody Songs That You Haven’t Heard Yet


We just discovered the most random ski content you’ll watch or listen to today. Olek Splawinski has holed up in some secret home recording studio and busted out not one or two but three ultra random and entertaining backcountry ski parody songs. They aren’t viral yet, but we can only hope the world sees this greatness. Curious if he just has way too much time on his hands or is eding to give Ed Sheeran a run for his money, we stalked him on Facebook and picked his brain for a minute…

DL: So Olek, we just discovered your Youtube Channel of mind melding backcountry skiing song parodies. amazeballs, where’d the idea come from? you just have way to much time on your hands or hoping to give Weird Al a run for his money?

Olek: Well. The story actually goes back about 4 years. Over New Years 2013/2014, a bunch of my friends and I spent a week in the backcountry near the Hurley FSR. On the way out, the roads were not quite as covered with snow as we had hoped… Our exit ended in about 7 km of terrible alder bushwhacking. At this point, I started jokingly singing with my friend Nick Gobin, a parody to the song, “The Sound of Silence” (generating song lyrics can be effective distraction tactics). I came up with some tentative lyrics but never followed through with them. In 2017 I was finally recorded this song and have recorded two others thus far. In part, I was definitely inspired by the Varsity Outdoors Club (VOC) based out of UBC Vancouver. They have a long history of song books and song parodies over the last 100(!) years of their existence.

DL: Have you thought about making videos and giving the back country snowboarder a run for his money? 

Olek: Ha. Honestly it was a jump in my skills to start recording songs at all. (I borrowed a mic from my roommate and he gave me a 5 minute demo of how to use “Audacity”) I don’t have a GoPro or footage to contribute to a video like that. That’s a pretty serious production! I try to limit my recording/video creation to one evening so that I don’t get to perfectionistic about the whole thing. My main goal is to hopefully make some people chuckle. Sometimes the backcountry ski community in SW BC takes themselves a little bit too seriously with things like “secret zones”. Maybe I also want to encourage them to relax a little bit.

DL: oh we’re all about keeping things not serious, so we fully endorse your mission. Any idea what your next song is gonna be, or it’ll just come to you like a vision when you’re on the next skin track?

Olek: Mmm. Well, if I can convince my roommate (a good guitarist) to accompany me (and set up video recording for me), there is a “Sea to Sky Highway Song” that will probably be released at some point. I also have a climbing parody song or two, but those aren’t really in season yet.

DL: When these songs go viral and you’ve signed more boobs and posters than you ever wanted to, will you still remember this first interview and think fondly of it, or regret the downward spiral of fame, drugs and groupies that it’ll inevitably lead to?

Olek: Well, I’ve already reached my quota (zero) for the number of boobs and posters that I ever wanted to sign. But I do appreciate you reaching out for this interview. I believe I will think fondly of it in the future, but I can’t really speak for future me. As for groupies. I already have one on the SW BC ski touring facebook group: Ryan MacDonald. Never met him in person, but he is about as emphatic about his enjoyment of my songs as I can imagine anyone being in a facebook post?

As for drugs. Caffeine is about all I subscribe to. Most else just dull the mind and decrease the performance (doesn’t Shakespeare say something like that about alcohol?). Coca tea might be cool if I go to South America some time.

DL: Alright, well we’ll let the songs speak for themselves and see where your music career takes you from here. Thanks for sharing. 


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