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Doglotion.com does the 2003 SIA trade show

by: Tux Jackson


vegas When Doglotion asked if I wanted to go to Vegas and hit the SIA trade show I initially said no. It's just an industry schmooze-fest in a place as far from the soul of skiing as possible. However after some thought I realized that I'm not just a skier, I'm also a gambler, a drinker, and a creature of the night. With this in mind I decided Vegas was just the place I needed to be.


vegasWithin days I was sipping on Baileys in the first class section of HMY airways checking out the Strip from my seat in the sky. The Vegas strip from the air looks sureal. Pyramids, Castles, a small version of New York City, and a billion other crazy buildings exist on this one street. To think these gigantic hotels, that cost more than the GDP of a small country to run, can turn a profit on gambling is a somber though. I kept that in mind at the blackjack table.


volcom tentThe SIA show was pretty cool. Free kegs of beer at some of the booths and a constant mexican fiesta at the Volcom tent. However it was the evening that held the real festivities. Pennywise rocked the house on Monday night and to top it off there was a steady flow of free booze. Even with a heavy buzz I was taking it pretty mellow, that vegaswas until wild man Hugo Harrison picked me up and ran around the mosh pit using my precious body as a human shield. Pretty soon most of us were covered in beer, bleeding, and stumbling around the casino putting money in every slot machine we saw while humming out Bro Hym. The next few days were a blur of gambling, drinking, and volunteering at local childrens hospitals.


The only real skiing related event to mention was the Powder 3rd Annual Reader Poll and Video awards, including awards for last spring's Redbull Snowthrill of Alaska. Industry icons took the stage to accept their video awards and Powder put on a pretty good video highlight real. Seth Morrison cleaned up with the 'Full Throttle' Video Award, Best Straightline (with JT Holmes), and 1st male in the Reader Poll. And unlike everyone else who just blatantly pumped their sponsors, Seth also managed to shut the rowdy crowd up for a moment of silence for Craig Kelly and all other riders whose' lives have been claimed by the mountains.


powder awards


Dave Reddick & Jamie Burge: Winners of the People's Choice award in the Redbull Snowthrill of Alaska photo content. PHOTO: Michael Story/Powder Awards


powder awards


Chris Davenport/Scott Markewitz: Winner's of the World Champion Choice award in the Redbull Snowthrill of Alaska photo contest. PHOTO: Michael Story/Powder Awards



vegasvegasAnd the gambling session that went on after the show will go down in the history books. I won enough money to buy a whole flock of high priced call girls and spent the rest of the night rolling around in a limo being hand fed peeled grapes. Well I think thats what happened, its a little blurry. Thats what the allure of Vegas is–Living in a false reality. Vegas is so fake that it allows you to enter a fictional world that can not exist in real life. For four days deep powder, sunny days, and fresh mountain air mean nothing to us. We are skiers corrupted to live in hopeless extravegance. Well in the end it was pretty fun, but I'm glad it only lasted for four days. I just wouldnt want to be around when God sends down his messengers to blow the place up.


–Tux Jackson


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