Tragic Avalanches in Kashmir and Afghanistan


While we have been skiing low angeled backcountry powder for kicks and giggles here at Gulmarg Ski Resort, Kashmir, India, some disastrous and sad avalanche events have been occurring all around us.

First yesterday morning a large avalanche killed 17 Indian Army soldiers at a High Alititude Warfare School just a few kilometers from where we ski daily at Gulmarg. Dozens of other soldiers were rescued, and hundreds more evacuated.

Then today, 1 army solidier was killed and 13 rescued in a separate avalanche incident, also in Kashmir along the Pakistan/Kashmir line of control.

And while these hit closest to home as we are currently skiing here in Kashmir, they are small in comparison to the some 30+ killed in an highway pass avalanche in Afghanistan today, with thousands more rescued from their cars, and dozens more still missing.

All this is happening while we’re skiing recreationally in the well-forested backcountry ski zones at the base of Gulmarg Ski Resort. We’ve been doing our due diligence, testing snow-pack (beyond extreme in some places, and safer in other spots), and choosing terrain wisely.

We had plenty more to say about the matter, but the shoddy internet connection here lost it. Stay tuned for a more thorough update tomorrow.

Editor’s Note: The lead image above is not of the avalanche, rather, just another example of the huge amount of snow that just fell in the region.


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