TGR Rocked da House


TGRFireballs, powder, swag, slush chugging, big air, cheering, tomfoolery, and more. All on one night of revelry this past Friday in Whistler. The Doglotion.com crew brought TGR's premiere of their latest film to town, and LOST & FOUND didn't dissappoint. Definitely one of the best flicks yet, it got the attention it deserved with easily the biggest Whistler turn out yet – 2 packed shows – or just under 500 people.


The stoke factor was high, and the freshies on the mountain that afternoon only amplified it. Winter's coming indeed. 


Kicking off the show was none other than the world premiere of Paul Cotton's Gaper Day 2007 film. Frickin' hilarious. What more can we say? Gaper Day, exposed in all it's gory detail. Watch for it online soon. With a few dozen gapers in the audience, the crowd went off for the whole 9 minute film.  And anticipation is already mounting for what Gaper Day 2008 could hold. 



Then onto the main show, an hour of DEEP pow, big lines, spines, big airs, and the Whistler boyz showing everyone how it's done. Ian Mcintosh, Kye Petersen, and Dana Flahr were all in the house, signing posters an cheering on each other's segments. McIntosh destroyed it, and opened the film in style. Then comes Kye blowing away any remnant stereotypes of being a freestyler,  then just when the movie is starting to get too focused on mellow pow, wham, out comes Dana for some triple drops and good times. 

 Alex, Ian McIntosh, Dana Flahr, Kye Petersen

Alex, Ian, Dana & Kye checkin out the flick.


Every segment in the film got huge props, and hell people even stayed to watch the credits.


Then on to the 'Horn for some Fireballs, Fire Ice & Dynamite themed flourescent decor, 80's beats, and a 4-girl chugfest stand off for the grand prize of the evening… a pair of DYNASTAR Big Troubles.

 Drinking for Skis

It was a close race but Victoria Cole from Whistler claimed the prize. Question is, was it worth it, now that this flattering photo has surfaced on the web? Hell ya it was, Big Troub's baby. (We have a better one, but we'll leave it to your imagination). And hey, notice there's no guys? Most dudes were too chicken to enter, hearing rumours of Fireball flavoured slush. But nothing could scare the girls away. 



Until next year, have an epic winter, and if you ever need a little extra stoke, watch Gaper Day 2007 or LOST & FOUND and you'll be back at it in no time.  


And a shout out to the event sponsors: DYNASTAR, Glacier Shop, Whistler Blackcomb, Rossignol, Longhorn 


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