Spring is Dead – Winter Back with a Vengeance in North America


Just when spring was rolling around the corner, winter on the Western side of North America came back and opened up a can of whoop-ass on spring. Spring was defeated, and will have to wait.

After the last epic week or two of pow shredding here in Whistler, Whistler Blackcomb has now officially had the 2nd snowiest winter in recorded history! Boooyaaa! We’re at 1432 cm’s or 47 feet, not too shabby, and there’s still about 7 weeks left in the season. We almost have to feel guilty that many resorts close this time of year.

But Whistler ain’t the only place reeping the rewards of this late winter bonus. Mt Baker, Washington was slammed with over 7 feet in the last week and a half, and there’s still a bit in the forecast. Right in Vancouver itself, little Mt Seymour had 61 cm (2 feet) last night! Looking way down south, Snowbird Utah was hit with about 6 feet last week if not more, and even places like Jackson Hole (which is now closed!!) were getting hammered until the last minutes of their season.  Wonder what all that pow is doing now? I’m sure keen locals will be hiking it for weeks to come.

So, put your bike and climbing gear away for a little while. The sun is in the forecast, yes, but skiing oughtta still be sweet for the next 2 months. Enjoy, we will.


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