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Spring Cat-Skiing Goodness at Backcountry Snowcats w/ VIDEO


An epic winter isn’t complete without cat-skiing, is it? After weeks of awesome conditions in Whistler, the snow was finally getting harder to find in late March, and we momentarily didn’t know what to do with ourselves. With months of pow behind us, we weren’t about to settle for b-grade skiing, and knew there had to be freshies somewhere. Not knowing we were a week away from 2 more huge storms, we figured we’d better start looking for pow, and we knew where to find it. We rallied a big group and headed up to Backcountry Snowcats north of Pemberton on the Hurley Pass to get our fix.

Nicky Crane gettin’ some. Andre Charland photo.

Sure we’ve been cat-skiing before, even at the same location, but this time we clued into something better than ever before, and it’s easily repeatable. Here’s the recipe…

  • Book the whole cat so there’s no strangers
  • Fill it with fast skiers = more vert and no stuck snowboarders
  • Maximize the girl to guy ratio – duh

Day 1 apres en route back to the lodge. Jamie Bond photo.

With an oddly connected crew of skiers from Whistler, Vancouver, California and Utah filling the cat, 4 of whom were chicks who rip, the recipe for success was looking good. With a fast ski group and long spring days, it’s pretty amazing how much vert you can cram into the weekend. We didn’t beat the season record for a bunch of reasons, but we had fun while trying.

Skier Jamie Bond. Andre Charland photo.

As usual, Backcountry Snowcats didn’t dissapoint. The weekend was like a secretly planned crescendo of ever-improving good times. The snow got better, cat mechanicals were overcome, and stability improved, until the 2nd afternoon yeilded bluebird skies and pillow-droppin’ fun.

Skier Sam. Photo Andre Charland.

And if the word’s and photos didn’t do it justice, here’s the weekend in 2 minutes. For the same good times, just call Backcountry Snowcats and follow the recipe above.

Details & Thanks

Backcountry Snowcats Website –

Skiers: Fred, Nicky, Sam, Rob, Dave, Dick, Jamie, Lotte, Andre, Sarah, Kir, Andy,

Thanks to owners Reg & Kathy, guides Laurie, Jay & Crusty and the whole crew at Backcountry Snowcats.

More flickr photos:

Not really sure what’s going on here, but the sherbert contrast to the white forest is pretty funny. Why they’re all in the exact same position, we’ll never know. Skiers Kir, Sarah and Nicky. Photo Andre Charland.


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