So Much Snow on Mt Washington You Can Summer Ski


The running joke at the end of the winter season at Mount Washington was that the snow would last until June and you would be able to ski and snowboard the opening day of summer operations.  Joking aside, Mount Washington is announcing it will indeed open for skiing on the first weekend of summer.

Mount Washington launches the summer season on Saturday, June 19th and skiing and snowboarding will take centre stage.  That’s right, skiing and boarding on June 19th and 20th.  Again, this is not a joke!

“We thought the snow might stick around for a while but you never want to predict what the weather is going to do,” explains Mount Washington spokesperson Brent Curtain.  “May was relatively cool and rainy which wasn’t conducive to snow melt.  As a result, we’re going to open up one top to bottom run on opening weekend for people who can’t get enough of skiing and boarding!”

With an astounding 15 metres of snowfall from November 2009 through April 2010, there is still plenty of white stuff at the higher elevations and enough down low to allow snow sliders to make it all the way to the Alpine Lodge.

“We will be loading skiers and boarders onto the Eagle Express from 11am to 4pm on opening weekend,” says Don Sharpe, Director of Business Operations at the resort.  “Anybody wanting to head up for summer turns can do it for a special $25 lift ticket.  As an added bonus, dads can ski or board for $10 on Father’s Day when they head up the lift with their child.” 

Linton’s Loop will be the chosen run for the summer skiing weekend.  Skiing in June is a first in the resort’s thirty-two year history.  “Imagine telling your friends and family across the country that you skied on Vancouver Island on the first day of summer,” adds Curtain.  “It really is unbelievable.”

Not to be outdone, Mount Washington’s regular summer schedule with Mile High Chairlift rides also begins June 19th with dad’s getting a free ride to the top for some sightseeing on Father’s Day.  “Once all of the snow melts we will be opening up our bungee trampoline and playground as well,” says Sharpe.

The mountain’s popular Bike Park is scheduled to open on July 1.  “We’ve been clearing snow off the bike trails to help initiate and speed up the melt process in those areas.  We’re hopeful that we can get some of the trails ready by our planned opening date," Sharpe adds.

For the full summer events schedule and list of summer activities visit mountwashington.ca. 


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