Snow Carver – Oh God

 Time for a new section on the site for all you gear junkies… The Gear Reviews. Sometimes it’ll be epic equipment we should all own (like the Movement Goliath review we’ve done), while other times we may just be warning you about the most random snow products we’ve ever seen…. kinda of like this thing…


Came across the Snow Carver advertisement video on Youtube tonight. Oh dear oh dear. I guess you can’t give the guy too hard a time, because snowboarding with a motor on flat prairie fields sure beats a kick in the nuts anyday. But if we had to recommend an ‘alternative product’, it would be a lift ticket to ANY MOUNTAIN with a vertical rise.


But hey, if you live somewhere that you can see for miles by standing on a milk crate, then this might be for you.


More at http://www.jimmydz.com/

For a good time, see cheesey infomercial below.






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