SIA Las Vegas – 09/10 Gear Videos Part 1

So we wrote about all the behind the scenes nonsense and partying that goes down at SIA Las Vegas, but it turns out some people are also there to get down to bid’ness. Yup, brands selling ski & snowboard gear to buyers and shops far and wide.

Out come the secrets they’ve been working on in the secret research and development labs buried securely within the walls of underground chambers in the Swiss Alps. Or something like that.

In no particular order, here’s a mix of product videos sneaking a peek at some of the 09/10 gear we came across on the SIA showroom floor.

Black Diamond

Sweeeeet looking fat skis, and their Factor touring boot rocks the house. Pumped to try out our new Zealot’s soon. More at Black Diamond


Helmets and body armour. Judging by the old Free Radicals movies, Swedes know how to ski hard, on hard pack. So they’re probably good at making body armour. This new stuff looks pretty sweet.

Moment Skis

These guys rock. Cool concept, small company, funky designs, and HUGE skis. Oh, and parties at their booth every night.

Faction Skis

Ross from Faction gives us the rundown on the 09/10 product line, and the funny run in he had with none other than Gene Simmons himself.

Stay tuned for more vids from Icelantic, Dynafit, Recco, Salomon, Joystick, and Atomic.


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