Shane McConkey Died Ski-BASE Jumping in Italy


Some incredibly sad news hit the ski community at large today. Without any thorough fact checking, we’ve been told that Shane McConkey, the man, the myth, the legend, died today in a Ski-BASE jumping accident in the Italian Dolomites region, while filming with MSP and Red Bull.

What can we say? Shane was a legend. Is a legend. He is survived not only by his wife and daughter, but also by the legions of freeskiers world-wide who he has inspired over the years. 

More enthusiasm, innovation, creativity, and adventure came out of that guy than almost any other dozen famous skiers clumped together.  He brought us Saucer Boy. He brought us fat reverse-camber skis. And he brought us ski-BASE jumping, which ultimate cut his life short.

In an ESPN article, filmer Scott Gaffney explains "But one ski did not come off. And when that happens the drag on the skis causes you to flip over, so the skis’ over your head. So he was struggling with the one ski. Then he also got into a bad spin. So he may have never even pulled his pilot chute. And that’s coming from JT Holmes, who Shane was with in Italy and who reviewed the footage of the accident. So the combination of the ski, the spin and the pilot chute, apparently. Because you can’t throw the pilot chute like that; if you throw it while you’re upside-down and it wraps around the ski, you’re done."

We didn’t even know Shane and this news hits home. Doglotion sends our thoughts and wishes out to Shane’s closer friends and family, and hopes that every two-planker out there helps keep the spirit of Shane (and his alter ego Saucer-Boy) alive, every day that you shred.

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