Mt Baker Ski Season Opened With Record Snow

When Mt Baker got slammed with the first storm of the season, we all knew an early Opening  Day was in the works. What we didn’t know is that it would be the deepest Opening Day snow base in Mt Baker’s history.  It wasn’t just any storm afterall. Every time we looked at the snow report and forecast, the number of inches matched or exceeded the number of hours that had passed.

Once the official opening was announced on Mt Baker’s website, skiers and riders from all over BC and Washington started scrambling to mount bindings, find gear, and hitch rides if needed – us included.

Come Opening Day, those who made the effort were rewarded indeed. As if the balls deep fresh pow wasn’t enough, the skies went bluebird!

Skier: Jamie Bond, Photo: Andre Charland

The first two days of the season were spent shredding anywhere and everywhere we wanted, with no worries at all about ‘early season’ snow coverage. Anything goes – pillows, cliffs, bowls, chutes, backcountry… you name it. We milked lap after lap of the Elbow, Elf Chutes, Chair 5 trees, Chair 1 & 7 trees, bootpacking The Arm, and some deep and delicious zones that we’d get shot if we told you about. The mountain was in 100% operation on day 1!

Skier: Jamie Bond, Photo: Andre Charland

In true Mt Baker style, even with the hordes of skiers from Whistler, Vancouver, and Seattle flocking to the resort for opening day, the first ride up the first lift was the only line up we waited in all day. (Here’s a Youtube user’s video of the chairlift countdown). Yep, pretty damn easy to find freshies wherever we wanted.

Skier: Sarah Frood, Photo: Andre Charland

Simply put, you couldn’t ask for a better day of skiing, anywhere, any time of year, and this was just the first 2 days of the season at a snowy little place called Mt Baker. A quote overheard coming from a long-time local at Apres pretty much summed it up… "That was the best opening day I’ve had in 42 years".

Mt Baker Resort Details

Big thanks to Amy at Mt Baker, Sheldon for the guiding & hospitality, & Mattsquatch for the burritos. Don’t worry guys, no matter who reads this, you’ll still have enough pow and terrain down there than you can eat up in a season.


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