Movie Trailer Season is Here


movieIt's that time of year again. Just when Whistler ski season end's, and you briefly start to contemplate if there's actually more to life than skiing, suddenly out comes all this eye candy. They're not all out yet, but a few of the keener companies have already released their trailers for their 2007 films. Here's just a few teasers we've come across…



Match Stick Productions – Seven Sunny Days

Funny, the title reminds me of Whistler's winter. And since that's where MSP spends all their time, it's no surprise. There's gonna be some deeeep pow in this film, and some new faces. Looks like Heimer's in there!


Teton Gravity Research – 'Lost and Found' Teaser #1

Looks like the TGR boys will be at it again with multiple teasers, as this one's called #1, and again they're totally taking the piss out of themselves. Going to be another epic film, and you can bet Doglotion will be putting on a killer premiere for it in Whistler, BC.


Tanner Hall's Believe

Well, we all know he's one of the most talented shredder's out there, so I guess someone (or him) decided to make a film about him. Some good pow footie too, cause you know, taking the park into the back country is STILL the next big thing. Bringing the backcountry into the park just never worked out.


Theory-3 Media – PNW

Refining their flicks every year, Theory-3's 2007 film PNW is lookin'n pretty sweet. Well atleast the teaser is. Jeff Thomas and the boyz have done it again, but better. Looks a bit like a Tourism BC infomercial, but then again, how could it not be after a season like this. And we might add… while the big movie companies are too busy with their matrix heli cams, this film looks like it's actually full of some pretty insane skiing, that only eager up'n coming talent can truly provide.


Voleurz – More For The Astronauts

Whistler's own 'Voleurz' has put together a pretty funny teaser for their flick More for the Astronauts, featuring the likes of Josh Bibby, TJ Schiller and the Shusters. Check it out this fall.


Coreshot Films – Linescore

Bit of a new twist on a ski flick, these guys documented a season of Big Mountain ski competition. It will no doubt have some pretty gnarly footage.



Uh, well, looks like a Euro jib flick, with it's own amateur rapping. Don't know how we came across this. But uh, word up. Ya, uh, the custom rap reminds me of Brad Holmes, but maybe the movie is better. Some good jibbing.



This ones looking pretty sweet. Good mix of gnarly big mountain and cool jibbing, plus some good aesthetics.


Mack Dawg Productions – Picture This

Yes it's snowboarding, but it's also got to be one of the trickin' coolest teasers on the planet, ever. Hopefully the movie is just as good. As long as it doesn't cause too many people to switch back to snowlerboarding.




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