Movement Skis Get Mad Props

 The first ski mags have all been coming out lately, and they usually crank off the season with the buyers guide edition. You know, the ones that tell you what’s hot and what’s not for hard & soft goods this season. While some of the usual players are back as always, there’s a new kid in town in this year’s Buyer’s Guides – Movement Skis.


We gave the Movement Goliath and Pow Pow a fine beating of hard skiing in and around Whistler throughout last year’s epic season, and they held their own, through and through. The Goliath’s proved to be pow-slaughtering machines to take anywhere and do anything with, and the narrower and ridiculously light Pow Pow made for a pretty dope touring ski.


Apparently the magazines agreed. Check out Movement Skis casual and simple new blog that showcases some of the hype they’ve recieved after their rookie season in North America.


Click to the Movement BLOG>>>



Movement Skis



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