Kashmir Through the Eyes of Jordan Manley


Just when memories of our adventures and mishaps in Kashmir, India were starting to fade, Jordan Manley dropped a bomb. Arcteryx just published his first ski video episode he was creating for them while he was down there. Here's what he has to say 'bout it…

Here is the first instalment of “A Skier’s Journey” (part of a trio of episodes). My aim with these was to tell stories about travelling and skiing in some of the world’s most interesting places. I’ve had a lot of fun shooting, editing, and creating these. I have also learned a lot and I’m bound to do it differently the next time around. These were produced with support from Arcteryx and Gore. I’m greatful for the vision and support they have lent to the project. It is great to be working with companies that allow me to make images and tell stories about the things that I love doing.

Read his full blog post, or just sit back and enjoy the flick below!


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