Jon Olsson Super Sessions (JOSS) Video Releases

For all the jibbers out there, you probably already know all about the mind-blowing skiing and hilarious partying that was going on in Sweden while we were all hunting spring corn lines here in North America. That’s right, the Jon Olsson Super Sessions – one of the biggest freeskiing comps on the spring radar. 

Lucky for those of us on this side of the big watery pool they call the Atlantic Ocean, JOSS’s Video Contest gives us a front row glimpse into the nonsense and radness that goes on there each year. And if that isn’t enough, Schmuck and the boys at Newschoolers didn’t get stuck in Sweden (volcanic ash) for no reason. Check out the Newschoolers JOSS Awards Wrap Up for all the dirt and photos on the events climax.

But back to the eye candy, here’s all the JOSS Team Videos we could find so far, and we’ll add more as they come out. Lucky for you non-jibbers these things are way too hilarious to miss, oh, and guess who won! OH CANADA, Our Home and Native Land!

2010 JOSS Team Videos

JOSS 2010 – Team Canada – The Winners!

JOSS 2010 – Team Newschoolers – Close 2nd Place


JOSS 2010 – Team Norway – Close 3rd Place

JOSS 2010 – Team America – People’s Choice

JOSS 2010 – Team Sweden

JOSS 2010 – Team Europe



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