Gear Review – Deuter Guide 35+

I spent the better part of a decade cheaping out, bouncing between lame hand-me-down backpacks for ski touring – so you can imagine how amped I was when a Deuter Guide 35+ pack came into my life. Sure it doesn’t have a built in stereo and won’t do my laundry for me, but it makes ski mountaineering & touring a cruisey.


The Deuter Guide 35+ pack has all sorts of bigger and smaller brothers in it’s family, but it seemed like the perfect fit for long day missions – our favourite kind of trip. So over the course of the last few months shredding with it, we had to of course put it to the test, as we were faced with some unanswered questions.

First up, would it fit my fat skis? Bingo. The wide side straps easily strapped up my 108 underfoot boards, with room to spare for even fatter.


Next, would it accommodate all our junk? And when it gets smokin’ hot, still hold everything and our clothes? Check. On a trip up Mt Joffre in scorching sun it easily held all the grub, 2 waters, backcountry gear, ice axe, helmet, harness/ropes, video camera in the pouch, jackets and even has some gear loops for biners and our make-shift harnesses…



Would it help with cool photos of us looking up at rad peaks? Indeed. Dre scoping Joffre with his pack, helmet & ice axe waiting…

Deuter Pack & Mt Joffre


And last but not least, could it carry a pack or Pilsner with enough stability to ski 55 degree exposure lines in flat light? And keep the beer from over fizzing? How dare we doubt it…



But seriously, it’s solid build, effective use of pockets straps, and loops, and breathable supportive frame makes it an epic choice for guides & skiers alike.


You never know when you might be in the woods, on the ski out from an epic day in Rogers Pass or the Duffey, when you come across a guy who needs old crampons but regrettably left it behind to save weight for his 24 Pilsners to come along. Time for a temporary trade? With a versatile pack like this… I see a solution.




Volume:2150-2650 cubic inches
35+8 liters
Torso:14.5-19.5 inches
Weight: 3 lbs. 10 oz.


– X-frame back support
– innovative contoured + removable hip belt
– combination ski and compression strap system
– crampon attachment straps
– gear loops
– lid pocket
– valuables pocket
– snow skirt
– hydration system compatible
– Carrying Capacity = 35 lbs


More about the Guide 35+ and other packs at



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