Gaper Day Challenge


Some see competition and get discouraged.

They immediately wuss out, go home with their tail between their legs and do tequila shots by themselves in the basement unti they pass out. Not


hing wrong with that, but that's not us, and hopefully not you either.

Some see it as a challenge. And this my friends, is a challenge from Doglotion to you. Batten down the hatches, hide the senior citizens and children, avoid wearing anything flammable (unless that's part of the plan), and get ready for the season ender like none-other. Gaper Day 2006 is coming the la


st day of Whistler Mountain's season: Sunday, June 4, 2006. All winter long we've been buried in powder, unable to let our true colours shine on the mountain. That all changes June 4, and to ensure you spare no expense when preparing for the annual day of revelry, we thought we'd share this wee challenge with you.

Gaper Day –


East Coast Style
The tiny hill of Ski Wentworth closed the season with a Retro Ride to the Top, and the Coca Cola Family Challenge Dual Slalom, complete with manual timi


ng gates and the works. The following mugshots were submitted directly to Doglotion HQ, accompanied with the words: "Let's see what you got".

Are you going to take that? We will not be outdone people. We will rise to the challenge, with or without tequila, and Gaper Day 2006 will go off – rain or shine. Be there, and stay tuned for further inspiration.







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