Gaper Day 2010 Moments – #2 – Pink Bear Goes Extreme


Ok we couldn’t wait a whole week in between Gaper Day Moments video clips, life is too short right? So here is Gaper Day Moments – Episode #2 – Pink Bear Goes Extreme, Couloir Extreme to be precise.

Gaper Day regular Barry Anderson made another epic pilgrimage up from Seattle, WA to remind us all that Canucks aren’t the only ones who can play the Gaper Day game. Putting the jeans and one-pieces aside this year, he embraced his inner Care Bear and definitely unleashed the pinkest suit of the day.

In this clip, first run of the day, Gapers descended en-mass to Couloir Extreme on Blackcomb. There was so much snow on the damn hill this year that Barry had to quickly remind everyone Gaper Day is about skiing on rocks, going big, and making your double-ejections as styley as possible.


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