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Faction LogoFaction, the independent freestyle/freeride ski brand producing some of the highest quality twin tips on the market, has decided to give it’s activists something for getting on-line.

They’ve just launched their shiny new online store, and to share the love they’ve decided to get rid of that surprise at the end called “Shipping Costs” and let you have the skis for the price on the box – no hidden extras!

If you live anywhere in the USA, Canada, Europe (including UK) they’ll get the skis out to you asap with NO shipping costs to you.

The Faction team believe that being an internet-savvy ‘collective’ doesn’t mean leaving their favourite stores out in the cold in the process. They’ve fixed it so if you buy a pair of skis from their website, it’s your local stockist who ships the order. If they’ve sold out, Faction sends it directly.

“Our fans spend a lot of time on the internet, and that’s often where they decide what they want to ride. We get a lot of feedback from our Facebook and Myspace pages, and a lot of guys out there want to buy online, but also want to keep their relationship with their local store – and this system lets them do that.” said Faction chief Tony McWilliam. “Ski stores are the backbone of local ski communities. No-one matches their expertise and knowledge. This combination of online sales with local support works for everybody, and the stores we are working with are very excited about it.”

Faction Skis – Nothing but fat twins. Designed, tested and built by skiers, for skier.


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