Epic Mt Meager Landslide – New Ski Lines?


If there’s Snow Gods, is there Landslide Gods too? If so, they just opened up a big can of whoop-ass on Mt Meager (Cathedral), Canada’s most active volcano, just north of Whistler, West of Pemberton, BC. Right in many of you readers’ backyards, one of Canada’s biggest landslides in history just went down, and lucky for us it’s a loooong way from ‘hustle bustler’ of Whistler or Pemberton so to speak. (Lead image photo credit Pat Mulrooney)

We’d just been rooting around the zone for some spring corn skiing on Cathedral a few weeks back, but I’m guessing it’ll look just a weeee bit different this coming winter and beyond.

Cheers to Tobin for passing on this link to Dave Steers mind-blowing photo gallery of a recent fly-by of the area. Watch, enjoy, and let’s take bets on whether they EVER resume trying to open Meager Creek Hotsprings. One things for sure, there won’t be any fancy resorts over-exploiting the area in our lifetime.

Cheers to Dave Steers for contributing such amazing images to Flickr, not limited to this one event.

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