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Drowning, Dirt and Crowds – Gaper Day 2010 Was All Time

Like Kraft Dinner, Sliced Bread, Facebook, and the Atomic Bomb, Gaper Day has finally exploded. Only, unlike those other 4 things, Gaper Day totally rules, doesn’t make you fat, and hasn’t killed anyone (that we know of).

Photos by Barry Anderson. More photos and video coming soon. Check back.

Like the last 13 years of Gaper past, we bid farewell to Whistler Blackcomb’s season yesterday (May 24) the only way we know how – dressing like idiots, pulling snowblades out of the closet, skiing on grass, rocks, dirt, and water, in true Gaper style.

But nolonger is Gaper Day reserved for a handful of hooligans paying tribute to gapers world wide. Oh no. The world is finally ready to embrace what Whistler’s Gapers have been brewing for over a decade now. And if it’s not ready, too bad, ’cause the Gapers are taking over anyway. The poor snow on Blackcomb yesterday was stampeeded by SEVERAL HUNDRED gapers in all shapes and sizes, from furry farm animals, pink bears, and a sumo wrestler to Scuba Steves, 80’s rockers, and sparkly wizard tall-T’s.

After big-feet, snowblades and monoboards pioneered big mountain lines in the alpine, the real epicenter of absurity was the infamous Zig Zag Pond. This pond has never seen action like this before, and only time will tell if it ever happens again. 


Literally hundreds of people crowded above and around the pond to watch the action or tempt fate in the icy waters. Young racers from WMSC and the Mt Seymour race club would be followed in succession by snowbladers, boarders, and even several people in the same pair of skis. Sure it’s been done before, but this thing was just an unorganized phenomenon, in the coldest pond you could possibly find, on a cloudy day in May! Ego’s were shattered, history was made, and skis, phones, goggles, wallets and poles were devoured en-masse by the icy beast.

Finally Indian’s survival suit comes in handy.

While there was way too many people and too much chaos to legitimately award one person the Silly Goat Champion title, notable dislpays of re-gressing progression included:

  • everyone who front, back, and side-flipped the pond, especially the dude who almost cleared it
  • the racer kids pond skimming with 1 ski, and the tiny kid with the life-jacket
  • Barry Anderson’s big airs and grinds in the pink bear suit
  • Tobin Seagel as Gaper Day’s first one-legged wonder
  • Sheldon Steckman’s schmooo butter 360 across the pond on his hand-made omni-directional skis
  • Chris Turpin bigfoot-50-50 grind of the quad kink box rail
  • anything the sumo guy did, ’cause it was frickin hilarious
  • the Evil Kneivel guy who crashed BEFORE the pond, and still managed to roll right into it, fully submerged
  • and dare we forget the snowboarder who didn’t take his snowboard off, ever. Like not even at midnight when he was passed out drunk at the after-party fire pit

That’s just a teaser of a list. The rest will have to come out in the imminent videos we’ll soon see or live on as blurry myths and memories, inflated to epic proportions for generations to come.

Thanks to everyone who came out, and especially to the Troutsmen crew for hosting an epic after party at the wooded tree area.

Until next year…

Mark Warner showing the world he’s back and badder than ever.



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