Don't Miss – Skied Naked


We realized that it's only 1 month until the annual Gaper Day on Whistler, and we it has been quite some time since we have published any 100% nonsense on the site. We've been distracted with ski trips, competition results, and relevant ski industry news. But fear not, they haven't suckered us in yet. Afterall, is all about the ruckus and tomfoolery behind freeskiing, so it's time to kick it up a notch. From here in we at vow to never forget the roots of the mag, with regular posting on the Tomfoolery page about the dumbest things we've seen on skis.


To start things off, the much anticipated video that's been hiding in our archives for a while. A Whistler ripper submitted a video of Whistler's ultimate poach, in his, uh, Birthday Suit. His identity will remain unknown, but what is known are the many benefits of Birthday suits, including:

  • way more breathability than traditional Gore-tex or new soft shells
  • great for improving your tan
  • and they do a great job of killing the 'gangsta' look in skiing, afterall, you don't get to choose what your birthday suit looks like

And we've even censored it to not scare the women and children away.



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