Denver SIA VIDEOS Part 2 – ZAG, Salomon, BD, Rossignol, Storm

Baaaam. Back at ya with another video release, leaking more 2010/2011 product imagery and video from Denver SIA. Part 2 has 5 more ski companies – ZAG Skis, Salomon, Black Diamond, Rossignol, and a new player in North America; Storm Skis. It’s all about double camber / double sidecut for next year, as well as some lighter weight touring gear from BD. Oh, and dare we forget Salomon breaking into the AT market, or atleast realizing that AT and big mountain are one and the same! Thank god, there’s a first! 

Salomon Freeski 2010/2011 Ski & Boot Sneak Peek

The Salomon booth was easily one of the highlights of the Denver SIA 2010 tradeshow. Finally a ski company that realizes AT and freeride are the same damn sport, and are starting to produce gear accordingly. To start, the Quest boot! A downhill boot armed with walk mode and interchangeable soles to make them Dynafit/G3 compatible. Boooyaaaa!


Black Diamond 2010/2011 Ski & Boot Sneak Peek

‘All About the Down’, the crew at Black Diamond are at it again this year. They’re coming out with the Efficient Series, featuring some sweet lightweight skis for longer backcountry missions that aren’t meant to compromise too much performance ‘on the down’. Can’t wait to try them out. Those lightweight Chaos boots look pretty sweet too.


ZAG Skis 2010/2011 Ski & Boot Sneak Peek

Years after some funny shaped ZAG’s came out to Whistler for a Ski Press Ski Test, these guys have some sweeet skis brewing in their 2010/2011 quiver. If you haven’t tried them yet, come to Whistler and hunt down ski ambassadors Mathieu Miller or Dom Balik. If that’s all it takes for Julien Lopez to go so huge, then we should all get a pair. But I have a feeling Julien might more cahones than most of us too.


Rossignol 2010/2011 Ski & Boot Sneak Peek

Tried, tested and true. Easily one and only ski that dominated Whistler’s freeski scene this year, the S7 is back for 2010/2011, along with the Super 7 for good measure. They’ve merged their S series and other freeride skis into one category now, making it a bit more intuitive to find the ski your’e looking for.


Storm Skis 2010/2011 Ski & Boot Sneak Peek

The new kid on the block, but not without experience. Andy from Storm Skis used to work for a better known European ski brand, but broke off onto his own to really kick ski innovation up a notch. Storm Skis is the result, and they’re coming to North America for 2010/2011. We look forward to trying a pair out.


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