Deep Thoughts and Videos with Freeskier Cody Townsend


Name: Cody Townsend
Least Favourite Nickname: "Super Awesome Amazing Rad Guy". I haaaate when people call me that over and over and over. It gets so annoying…
Home Resort: Squaw Valley, CA
Sponsors: Salomon, Swatch, Smith, The Levitation Project, Porters Tahoe, Hestra, ABS Packs, Camelbak, Kask Squaw, Arcade
Corn chowder or corn and powder: Powder that turns into corn. West coast snow is the bestest.

JB: Cody, it’s cold and rainy here in BC, and the ski movie premieres are getting us twitchy for winter. Where are you at? Craving winter or milking summer for all it’s worth? Premiere party action mega?

CT: Just got back from Switzerland for a Swatch modeling gig (yeah, I'm lame) and I'm on my way right now with my future wife and best friends down to the South Lake Tahoe premiere of "The Way I See It". The show is in the casinos so I have a feeling things will get a little crazy and little on the late side. Oh and I am so jonesing for snow right now. I feel like a crack addict coming down off a mega bender and waiting for the next fix. Sorry for the drug reference, but skiing is so damn addictive it's silly. I need to ski soon or I'm gonna go crazy.

Note by JB: What Cody doesn't know is that we found a link to his male modelling. But to his credit, you should never underestimate the abundance of hot chicks you get to meet at gigs like this. For real.

JB: We’re living under a bush and haven’t seen The Way I See It yet. Guess it’s the ‘Way I Haven’t See It’ for now. What’s the word, you stoked on how it went? Was that your first MSP gig? Were you mostly skiing or holding hands?

CT: I am so stoked on how the filming for "The Way I See It" went. I got a last minute call to replace an injured Abma for an Alaska shoot and unfortunately for Abma, but fortunately for me, we scored pretty much dream-like conditions in Alaska. Perfect snow, no avalanches and everything filled in. It was for lack of a better word, epic (I hate that word by the way). Oh and this wasn't my first MSP gig, I had skied with them 5 years ago but crashed a lot. So I took some time, relearned how to not crash and then got the perfect opportunity. After that it went pretty dang good. Yes we skied a lot, so much so that holding hands at the end of the trip felt warranted.

JB: Being a pro shred dog, you definitely ‘get around’ by the looks of it. Where’d you hit in 2010? Any stand out trips that’ll make us drool?

CT: Lets see, in 2010, I spent time in Tahoe, Nevada, Jackson, Utah, Switzerland, Austria and capped it off with Alaska. It's a lucky lifestyle I live and I will never take it for granted. Every year I keep getting to do this pro skier thingy I feel luckier. The AK trip was the trip I've been dreaming about my whole life. It pretty much was what everyone dreams about in AK and somehow I got to partake in it. I'll remember it until I'm old, decrepit and telling my grandkids how cool I used to be.

JB: You ever gonna quit your day job as a skier and just retire to Maui? Progress wave skiing and drink Mai Tai’s? Hell you could take the park into the waves, dude.

CT: I would like to retire to Maui someday but only if I get to come back to Tahoe every winter and shred with my buddies. Probably won't be wave skiing too much more. Although we did take the park to the waves man, we got flares, mctwists and backies in. It was a start and wasn't super cool or styley, but it could be.

JB: Who’s the current wave skiing world champion? You or Douglas?

CT: Chuck Patterson. He just got a shot in a surfing mag skiing into a big ass wave. It was the sweetness.

JB: What’s brewing for this winter? Don’t worry, you won’t find us crammed into your ski bag. Wouldn’t that suck? You go to pull out your powder boards, and instead some dude is in there?

CT: Brewing for the winter? Chasing powder with MSP, jumping off stuff, getting upside down, competing a little bit maybe and trying to have as much damn fun as possible.

JB: What’s the story with Salomon’s El Dictator? I just ordered a pair. Should I be stoked, or very very afraid. Something about ‘teenager-in-a-strip-club-stiff’ that has be worried, or maybe excited, or both? I’m 145 lbs of raw beef, so these suckers may be steering themselves.

CT: You should be so friggin psyched. Although it's one big mother of a ski, it's quite light for it's size and the tip rocker makes it way more versatile then the measurements suggest. It's by far my most favoritist ski I've ever had the pleasure of shredding on. Love it like a fat kid loves cake.

JB: Any words of wisdom for groms who want to hook up mad sponsors so that they can mack on pro ho’s? Cough, I mean, make a living with skiing?

CT: Ski with people better than you, never worry about sponsors and shred for the fun of it. Maybe compete when you feel comfortable enough but seriously just ski for the fun of it. I still only ski for the fun of it, I just got lucky enough to get great people to support me while having fun.

JB: Speaking of fun, another quality video clip we found of Cody. Oh the internet.

JB: Last minute shout outs?

CT: Thanks to my future wife, Elyse Saugstad, for always inspiring me, my best buds, George Hjelte, Greg Lindsey, JT Holmes, for always pushing me, my parents for always supporting me and to Salomon, Swatch, Smith, The Levitation Project, Porters Tahoe, ABS, Hestra, Kask, Squaw Valley and Arcade for making this sweet ass life possible.

JB: Thanks Cody

CT: No thank you.


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