Crowds, Free Stuff, and Nudity at TGR Vancouver Premiere


Guess what Whistlerites… Vancouver just showed you up, are you gonna let that happen next year?’s Vancouver premiere of TGR’s Re:Session was indeed one for the memory books.

Things started off on a sketchy note when some 300+ skiers showed up keen to roll into the bar for the event, much to the suprise of the bar staff who hadn’t seem it coming. But after sticking it out in the rain, anybody who really wanted in did get in, making for an even more amped crowd. The UBC and SFU Ski and Board clubs were out in full force, rounded out by every other skier in Vancouver who knew what was good for them that night.

With the house packed from wall to wall, the screens lit up with none other than Gaper Day 2009, a 5 minute visual assault on the senses. And we do mean screens plural; Library Square in Vancouver is decked out with 3 projector screens and probably 20 big widescreen TVs. 

With the crowd half stoked on what they saw and halk wondering what the hell just happened, out flew the swag from Rossignol, Atomic, Comor, Smith Optics, Surefoot, and Whistler Blackcomb.

Then on to the main show. Hoots, hollars, chuckles, and "ooooooooh’s" were bouncing off the walls as boyz on screen hit tits deep pow in AK and Poland, stomped airs in Pemberton, and of course hole-in-oned a crevasse or lost their jacket midyard sale.

The crowd definitely let it be known when something big had gone down, and the vibe was definitely in favour of the film. We’re guessing the boarders would have wanted some more one-plank action, but we’re all just going to have to wait for ‘Deeper’ next fall.

But the show wasn’t over yet. The night isn’t complete without a drink-fest for some Rossignol BSquads, or a fight for the free day of heli with Alaska Heliskiing. The Rossi battle was intense. ‘Pink-toque-girl’ who’s name we didn’t get, had been peppering us with questions about how to win the skis, and as fate would have it, she missed her bussed home, and was subsequently drawn as one of the 4 contestants. The drink-off insued, and scandal unfolded as Pink Toque finished her beer first but Tobin was the only competitor to tip it on his head. The unsetteled crowd demanded a rematch, and there was no arguing with fate this time round. Pink Toque owned it, and went home one pair of skis richer. One BIG pair of skis. But hey, if she can drink like that, maybe the skis will fit just fine.

But no party is complete without some public nudity, which earned one lucky UBC Ski & Board Club member a free day of heliskiing with Alaska Heliskiing. Youtube anyone? We’ll see. In the meantime, here’s the drink off for the Rossignol’s.

Special Thanks

Big ups to elDJloco for hooking up the venue, Library Square for getting people in there, Holly Walker for getting’er done, Jesse & Steve from SFU and Ian & Jayson from UBC for spreading the word, and all those who threw down for awesome prizing… Mike from Rossignol, Steve from Atomic, Chris from Smith Optics, Sam from Surefoot, Carlos from Comor Sports, and Cat from Whistler Blackcomb.

And last but not least, HUGE THANKS to everyone for coming out, and baring with us while the bar figured out how to kick all the early birds out and pack the house with people who belonged – you – the skiers and riders. Bigger venue next year?

Controversial Round 1

Round 2 For the Win


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