Christian Bjork Interview


Photos by Martin Skogfalt & Johan Hellman


Name: Christian Bjork

Hometown: Lulea in the North of Sweden, where the sun never sets in summertime and the wild icebears wander the streets
Favourite Ski Area:
Riksgransen in Sweden and La Grave in the Alps
Cross, Fischer, Weps and Sweet
Free-falling or free-balling:
Hmm tricky question, but falling free is always nice
High heels or banana peels, whatever that means:
I'm not that much into high heels.. hehe so let's go for the banana peels whatever that is.
Big mountains or big air:
Big mountains of course. The bigger the better.


So tell us Christian, is there really such thing as the Swedish Bikini Team?
Of course there is. You've seen it in the movies so there must be one.. And all the girls are blond, have big breasts, are named Inga and speak English with a German accent.


Speaking of Swedish people, you've spent the last few winters in Engelberg, Switzerland? Do they have really good meatballs there, or why are Swedes the only people who spend a season there? Tell us what we are we all missing?
This was actually my first winter in Engelberg, but I liked it. The legendary king size meatballs of Engelberg are famous among the Swedes. The expensive meat as well. But we all came for the snow and die Spindle! And this year was truly good. There was big dumps all winter long. And this year they say was more crowded than before, but still the line-ups for the lifts where short. The terrain is nice, the vertical drop as well and of course there are tons of nice cliffs to launch from.


You're right, Engelberg had an insanely good winter last year and the ski movies and mags were all over it. Do you think it'll be crazy busy next winter? Do you care, or do you have some secret stashes lined up for next year?
I think it's gonna be crazy. Engelberg gets more and more popular. And I think that's gonna be noticed next year. But I don't care. I'm not gonna go back. At least for the season. I feel like trying something new. The system is kinda small and after a while it gets a little boring. But when I stop by for a short visit I have some secret lines to shred.


You've been doing well in some competitions in Europe, any plans to try the Freeskiing World Tour and come over to North America?
The comps in Europe this year I could have done better. I lost skies and took some crashes before I did well in the Swedish Championships which I won. I have plans to come over and do the comps but I'm not sure my knee is good until then. But if the knee is strong I'm definitely coming over to join the races.


That sucks about hurting your knee this spring. Have you turned into a beer guzzling couch potato, or a Rocky look-alike getting ready for the next fight with 'Chariots of Fire' playing in the background?
I've been transformed to the Rocky look-alike. My motivation for next winter is high and I want to comeback stronger than before to shred the lines I didn't do this past season. But ofcourse summer in Sweden means alot of beers and partying. Here in the north we celebrate the never-setting sun by drinking to its honor all summer long.

Any big plans/goals for next winter?
Have a strong knee, ski more than last year, have fun doing it, do some comps, hopefully in North America too.


If we want to see you strut your stuff on snow, where can we look? Any upcoming parts in Swedish ski flicks?
You can check my homepage: www.crillebjork.se
To see a little of my skiing you can check the movie from the Swedish Championships at www.freeride.nu/content/641/
I haven't done any filming for any Swedish company yet. Would be fun to do this winter ofcourse. I was suppose to go on roadtrip before I broke my knee. But the crash ruined it all. Bad knee! This late Autumm it will come a short film in Swedish TV from past season, filmed by a friend of mine with me and my friends

Last but not least, why do Swedish guys always have long hair? Does it make you ski faster or does it have something to do with Swedish girls?
It's all about the hair. The longer the hair, the better the skier.. And of cour


se the girls likes it.


Anyone to thank?
My family and my sponsor. Would be harder to all the funny things I do without them. I must thank my grandpa, my hero. He's a really tough old guy!


Martin Skogfalt Photo


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