Chicks Who Rip Interview with Tessa Treadway


You used to catch a glimpse of her shredding the slopes of Kicking Horse, but this interior BC girl is now onto her 2nd season of dominating the Whistler Blackcomb ski scene. Tessa Treadway is young, married to the youngest Treadway brother Dave and skis like a prettier version of all 3 brothers. A hunting, clothing designing, non-profit working professional skier. Yep, guess she’s got a lot going for her. Read more to find out what this Chick Who Rips has planned for the winter.

(Interviewer: Sarah Frood, Images: Amy McDermid)

SF: Age?
Tessa Treadway: I am 23 and a half

SF:  Sponsors?
Tessa Treadway: Peak Performance, Faction Skis and Carrera

SF: Favorite place to ski?
Tessa Treadway: Dogtooth range in Golden BC

SF: We’ve heard rumors that you’re the Treadway brothers little sister? Fact?
Tessa Treadway: Fiction…yuck!

SF: What projects or goals do you have for this winter?
Tessa Treadway: The Rad Boob Calendar was my big project for this winter and it has been very successful! We have raised lots of money and are hopefully blessing lots of people by using our talents and gifts! Other than that Dave and I are hanging out with the high school kids of Pemberton and spending as much time on snow as we can.

SF: What’s your favorite type of skiing, big mountain or little mountain?
Tessa Treadway: I actually prefer HUGE Mountain skiing.

SF: Who are your favorite boobs to ski with?
Tessa Treadway: Sarah Frood (you), Kirsten Lyle, Izzy Lynch, Leah Evans…and many more!

SF: Speaking of boobs, tell us about the Rad Boob Club Calendar and why you decided to start the project?
Tessa Treadway: I was getting annoyed at how selfish skiing can be and I was ready for a change in focus. The Rad Boob Club is all about promoting healthy outdoor lifestyles and encouraging other women to do what they can to be healthy!

SF: You’re doing other non-profit work too with Pemberton youth. What’s the deal?
Tessa Treadway: Dave and I have started up Pemberton Young Life. We are leading skiing, hiking, climbing and surfing trips all focused on loving teenagers! Look for us on the Blackcomb every Saturday, and I can tell you more about it.

SF: You’ve been traveling to promote the Rad Boob Club Calendar all over BC. How many times have you driven across BC this month?
Tessa Treadway: Five, hopefully next time I will get to stop at Miniature Land and the Enchanted Forest!

SF: I hear you can gut a partridge as well as you ski? What other skills do you have?
Tessa Treadway: My sewing skill is the skill I’m most proud of at the moment.

SF: How DO you gut a partridge?
Tessa Treadway: No problem take a look….


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  1. gillian

     tess! great interview! i love everything about it! the pics and especially the video! ps Frood, i agree with amy! definitely a future!!

    wait to go gurlies!! LOVE!

  2. amybot

    YES! I want to go to the enchanted forest and miniature land too Tessa! Great interview Frood, you’ve got a future in e-journalism. Tessa and Frood call me, this rad boob wants to shred with you and take more piccies.

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