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Chicks Who Rip Interview with Sonja Lercher


Back at ya with our second round of ‘Chicks Who Rip’, this time with Whistler big mountain skier Sonja Lercher who nailed 2nd place overall in last season’s Freeskiing World Tour. 

J Dogg: So Sonja, we finally caught up with you, how’s your winter been so far?
Sonja: Ya good to catch up! The winter has been fairly mellow until now. I’m still working and saving a bit more before the skiing will be in full swing

J Dogg: Woah, wait a minute, the skiing IS in full swing. Or are you just letting us all try to catch up to you? Giving us a chance?
Sonja: lol… yeah, I’m giving you guys a head start for sure. It’s true, my skiing is on standby for another few days.

J Dogg: No worries more powder to come. Tell us about last year, you killed it in the comps didn’t you?
Sonja: Last year was a great season. Competing on the 2009 Freeskiing World Tour kept me super busy all winter. The tour went great and was lot’s of fun, I was 4th in Snowbird and Alaska, won Kirkwood and finished 2nd overall.


J Dogg: Oh ya, you’re so casual i totally forgot! Congrats! What are your competition goals for this year?
Sonja: At first I wasn’t going to compete this year, or at least less this year. There is something about being home and waking up in your own bed. Competing involves a ton of traveling which can be tiring. But I got an invitation via email this week that all the lodging plus lift ticket will be paid for at all four stops. It’s so worth taking that opportunity, comps are a lot of fun.

J Dogg:Thats awesome! What do you think of the female competition scene? Growing? Too small? Fun? Crazy?
Sonja: I’m loving it that more and more girl shredders slaying it at the Canadian and US comps. The level of female performance is very high these days and even the youngsters are mixing in. I would say crazy fun!

J Dogg: How did you get so rad at big mountain skiing? How can other chicks follow your footsteps?
Sonja: Awww… my footsteps? Just follow me up the boot pack :-):-) From being out skiing as much as you can (and shred with the boys!), you learn how to keep up I guess

J Dogg: What mountain and what zone are you most looking forward to shredding in the pow this season?
Sonja: I definitely will be skiing on the dark side mostly. We’re also involved in Athan Merrick’s ski film called "Then and Now", which means getting out with your sled and explore more of the local backcountry zones.

J Dogg: Oh sweet, any other rad projects we don’t know about?
Sonja: Yeah actually, I got into kiting this summer and bought two new Ozone snow kites. By combining skiing and kiting, I think more opportunity opens up in the backcountry. Big airs and kiting uphill instead of skinning or hiking. So rad!

J Dogg: Stoked, i’m gonna have to try that with you! And lastly, any thanks or hellos to sponsors, friends of family?
Sonja: Sure, I’d like to thank Prior for the great support, they’ve been really good to me and their skis rule. Also, big huge thanks to Surefoot and the boys from TREW gear in Hood River.

J Dogg: Cool, thanks Sonja, good luck with the season, and get ready to get after it. Whistler is about to get dumped on.

To end’er off, here’s a few Youtube clips of Sonja shredding. You can also visit her blog at


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