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Behind the Scenes at SUREFOOT Whistler – Custom Boot Fitting


A lot of ski bums in Whistler know SUREFOOT as that mellow shop to hang out in at the end of the day, talk smack about your lines, and hopefully score a bit of bootwork while you’re at it. Why there? They just seem to know what’s going on I guess. Or is there more to it? 

Take a cross-section of all the pro skiers in Whistler, and $10 bucks says almot all of them have a little Surefoot love in their boots, be it custom orthodics, Contura liners, or the full meal deal. Hell, 2 past employess even trumped the Freeskiing World Tour – Jonny Law and Jef Holden. Maybe it was the boots, maybe it was the SUREFOOT floor they slept on, or maybe it was a bit of boht.

Keeping that comittment to freeskiing, Surefoot Whistler launched a team this year, sponsoring local rip-dogs Ian McIntosh, Calum Pettit, Chris Turpin, Brett Crabtree, Hugo Harrisom, Maxim Arsenault, and Mathew Gagnon-Thibault.

After years of making fun of people for taking their boots fitting too seriously, and unfairly poaching all of Surefoot’s staff parties, it came time for me, Jamie Bond, to finally embrace custom foam liners. Yep, I rolled into Surefoot for some Custom Contura Liners, and went behind the scenes to see what goes into it.

Meanwhile, we got Lotte on the program with some Surefoot Custom Orthodics, which even Jamie ‘sloppy boots’ Bond knew were good for ya.

The verdict? No more heckling allowed, it turns out it actually DOES matter how your boots fit. Like, alot. Who’d have known you can actually get your skis to point right when you move your feet right. I know, novel idea eh?

Here’s a wee home invasion behind-the-scenes look at the making of all of the above. And hopefully we’re still allowed to loiter and talk smack at Surefoot after skiing, even if there’s really nothing left to do to make our boots feel better.

Behind the Scenes at Surefoot Whistler – Making of a Custom Contura Liner

Behind the Scenes at Surefoot Whistler – Making of a Surefoot Custom Orthodic


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