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The Backcountry Bucket List


Aaaah, the bucket list. We’re guessing we’re not the only ones out there that make to do lists. You know, some people make lists for what to buy at the grocery store, others for chores to do, or in the case of Steve Buscemi’s character in the movie Billy Maddison… list of people from highschool to kill.

We at on the other hand like making lists of lines to ski each winter. Do we ever ski them? Not often, no. OK, sometimes. But rarely all in the first season, normally get pre-occupied with resort accessed pow, or returning to our same old favourite zones.

This winter, however, will be different. Callin’ it right here and now. Why ski all the same runs you’ve done one hundred times before when there’s so much other radness out there? 

So why not make a list? Here’s the start of our ‘Backcountry Bucket List’ for winter 2009/10, and we encourage you to add to it! Mostly couloirs so far, some to be revisited ’cause they’re rad, and others we haven’t come across yet for one reason or another. Are we going to ski them all this time? Again, NO, but you gotta start somehwere. And hopefully some of you peep’s will get at them too.’s Backcountry Bucket List 2009.10

Mt Atwell, Garibaldi Massif, Squamish, BC – Siberian Express, Armenian Express, East & West Face

Mt Garibaldi, Squamish, BC – East & North Faces


Mt Currie, Pemberton, BC – Pencil Chutes, because they’re too fun not to. (Skier Scott Medcalf, Photo Jordan Manley)

Mt Joffre, Duffey Lake Road, BC – Central Couloir and skier’s right couloir. Perhaps a revisit of the Twisting Couloir with a proper shred of the flutes up top. (Photographer: Kyle Christenson)

Glacier Spires Couloirs, Squamish, BC – Re-do Super Couloir with some pow (lookers left), tempt fait on the Camel Toe (lookers right) and muck about with the other 4 or 5 bottle neck lines (not really couloirs) in that narrow drainage.

Mt Rainier, Washington, USA – Fuhrer’s Finger winter mission. Bet it’s a way better line in winter, and not full or rocks, schmoo, and postholes…

Spearhead Traverse, Whistler, BC – Normally hit a few fun lines on the way through, but why not get’em all, or atleast, as many cool lines as you can why you’re there? Fissile Summit or East Face, Fitsimmons, Iago, Macbeth, Tremor, Patteson, Trorey, Decker Fingers, and Disease. Those are the fun ones that come to mind anyway. (Photographer: Klaus Haring)

Tantalus Range, Squamish, BC – Need we say more? Don’t even know what’s good for skiing up there really. Been too long. Time to find out.

Eight Mile Creek, Birken, BC – Insides couloirs. They look rad. Are they any good for skiing? Don’t have a clue. Beta welcome, and sleds, ha, Cheddar? (Jordan Peters photo from

Monarch Ice Field, Bella Coola, BC – This zone and hell, anywhere else around Bella Coola. Time to explore. If the eight headed monster left anything good to ski after last year’s trip.

Where else should we go? Ideas? Let’s get’er done.


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  1. Liam

    Hey guys, I'm heading to Vancouver from Feb 16th to the 26th and was hoping to check some of these out.  My trip partner bailed so I'm hoping to meet up with people out there.  If anyone's into it, let me know and hopefully we can bag a few.  I'll have a truck while I'm there if that helps. 



  2. doglotion

    Well we may be slackin’ hard but Dave Treadway isn’t. Here’s his vid skiing the North Couloir on Joffre with friend James Martin. It’s on the list, we’d better get at it on a sunny pow day soon. Good job Dave.

  3. J Dogg

    Man if I don’t ski Tantalus this year I won’t know what to tell myself. We were going to head over there back in grade 12 of all things, got part way into the cable crossing extravaganza and decided it was too much of a junkshow. Probably a good thing we didn’t go back then, but really need to check it out soon. See it every day.

  4. J Dogg

    Atwell was looking super caked white in the sun today. we might have to get after some of this sooner than expected. I smell a backcountry December coming on, just hope it turns back into pow up top instead of afternoon corn.

  5. Bougie

     james turner north face…

    Crater lake oregon. Dry suits and pack rafts mandatory.


     Lesser wedge, sick gnar couloir.


    Gunsight Peak


     Devils thumb?…


     The 8 mile couloirs go.  There is the super couloir and the beeker couloir from how I have had it explained.  All on cirque peak.

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