B4Apres Presents New Ski Documentary


When Doglotion went on a skiing and culture recon mission to Kashmir this winter, we couldn't help but tag along with our fellow North American gringos from b4apres.  Sure they knew where the goods were, but they were also on a mission to a achieve something bigger than just a ski holiday in a strange place. Instead they were workin' hard on their debut film… which they just became a reality! It's finished, ready to rock, and already lined up for some film festival premieres this fall. Be there.

b4Apres Media's debut film, “AZADI: Freedom”, is a cultural documentary as seen through the eyes of skiers. Set in the disputed region of Kashmir, an area deemed the “most dangerous place in the world” during the violent militant insurgency of the 1990's. What director Anthony Bonello and crew find in 2010 is an aesthetically beautiful landscape and a people eager for Kashmir to once again become “a paradise on earth.”  Whilst exploring the mountains surrounding the world's highest skiable gondola, the crew meet vibrant local characters, ski picturesque forests and thin alpine air. Through beautiful cinematography, interviews, animation and quiet pauses, this backcountry ski film will give you with a greater understanding of one of the most negatively publicized regions on the planet… and leave you yearning for winter.

Who's in it you ask? Shasta shred dog Forrest Coots, Alberta red neck Colin Puskas, man of mystery Chad Sayers, Kooteny slayer Peter Velisek, and a cast of others from Kashmir.

Shouts out to their sponsors for making this a reality – Haglofs, Moment Skis, Icebreaker, Powderguide.com, Black Diamond, Biglines.com and Smith Optics.

Sit back, relax, and enjoy the teaser. We'll see you at the premieres this fall, but until then, you can pre-order a copy of “AZADI: Freedom” at www.b4apres.com


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