Sneak Peek at 2015/16 Ski Gear – Outdoor Retailer 2015

Between appointments and mandatory ski breaks, we managed to perv on some of the sexy new ski gear being launched at Outdoor Retailer 2015, comin’ at you for next winter. We’ve got videos for all these goodies below, but here’s a quick highlight reel of some our favourite industry amigos we visited.

G3 Skins 2015/16

G3 is busting out all new climbing skins for next winter. Funky graphics, a new lightweight sleek skin for ninjas (Alpinist LT), refinements to tip ‘n tail connectors, greater adjustability, and more. Those ninja LT skins pair well with the new brakeless ION LT! Not shown, but keep your ear to the ground for that one. Sweet action.

G3 2015/16 Skis

My totally biassed but fully justified favourite touring ski, the Empire Carbon 115, is back for another year in stealth black. The new Boundary 100 is aimed as an all mountain ripper, either side of the rope. And the Synapses are back, light, and way sexier. Lighter colours for anyone who care about snow sticking/melting on skis.

G3 Skis 2015/16

G3 Zen’s have morphed into carbon hybrids, making for an affordable bad-ass touring ski. That hot red thing is an all-new fish scale ski from G3, the stinger XCD. And rounding it out, a new splitty! The Scapegoat Carbon (left) is a lean and mean full carbon powder directional. 


Our homies at Julbo just launched some pretty cool goggles. You can open and close the lens (i.e. create a gap between the lens and frame, so that you can hike while wearing your goggles without steaming up. Clever.

Atomic Boots

Boooyaaa. Bet you didn’t expect to see boots like this from Atomic. Stay tuned for the video for more details on these lightweight machines. The Backland Carbon and Carbon Light.


Atomic Automatic’s are back with a fresh look. But they make the list because the 109 is still holding the belt for favourite slackcountry set up.


A glimpse at the lightweight Backland skis designed for the same user as those sexy Backland boots.


Skiers were pumped on the Salomon Q BC Lab, so it morphed into the MTN 109 and spawned to lighter, more all-mountain brethren, the 95 and 85. Salomon is going all out with backcountry this coming winter. They had everything from boots to poles to skins and more.

Salomon MTN

Oooh la la. Salomon’s MTN series wouldn’t be complete without this all-new boot. Unlike any Salomon boot you’ve seen before it. Greg Hill had plenty of good things to say about this baby. Video coming soon. And hopefully a review.


K2’s new Pinnacle series are loud n proud. They sound light and bomber. And from space. More details in the videos coming soon.

Ya ya, we know what you’re thinking. What about Dynafit’s new freeride skis and bindings? Or BD’s new Boundary skis? Or those uber cool plastic water proof Fischer skins? Well, it’s safe to say we’ll have to follow up with those brands, because between their busy schedules, my busy schedule, and a whole bunch of wasatch pow hunting, we didn’t get to document them. But don’t let us off the hook!


G3 engineer Cam Shute taking the new gear for sweet #DawnPatrol in Big Cottonwood Canyon.


Kasie Stroshin from Arc’teryx sneaking out of the show for a quick reminder of what all this new gear is for anyways. Kessler Peak East Couloir, Big Cottonwood Canyon.


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