Smith ‘Retro’ Cornice Sunglasses – Gear Grab of the Week

We come across a lot of cool gear at Doglotion headquarters and/or out there in the wild west of BC’s mountains. So we’ve got a new column to spread the gear stoke, aptly named Gear Grab of the Week.

First up, Smith Optics Cornice Sunglasses. Who doesn’t love retro sunglasses? OK maybe I should ask that, there’s probably some haters out there, but I’m a big fan. Not just of the shades themselves, but the bad-ass retro fleece bag they come with.


The Cornice is heavy with style but sits light on your face. And it helps you go about your day, just keeping it real, one step at a time. The polarized lens gets the job done on sunny days (of which there’s been way too many this ski season), and they haven’t broken in half yet, which is more than I can say for some sunglasses I own(ed).

Thumbs up for the Cornice, and to Smith Optics for keepin it real for almost 50 years.




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