Slingshots, Tigers, and Poop Jokes with Skier Angel Collinson


Angel Collinson is hot right now. First she skied her way to earning Female Performance of the Year from IF3 for her part in TGR’s Paradise Waits, and then she just scored her first cover of POWDER Magazine. Hell, that’s almost as big as getting interviewed by! Lucky for Angel, that just happened too. We checked in to find out what slingshots, tigers and poop jokes have to do with crushing big mountain lines like they’re going out of style. Find out for yourself…

Bondo: Sleds, heli’s or skins?
Angel: All of them?

Bondo: AK or Jackson Hole?
Angel: AK

Bondo: Beacon or Bacon?
Angel: Beacon. Wrapped in Bacon.

Bondo: Nature or Nurture?
Angel: Nurture

Angel bags her first POWDER Magazine cover, plus tonnes of content inside. Adam Clark photo.

Bondo: What’s the best day of the year?
Angel: Hmm, that’s kinda a hard one! I don’t have a favorite. The best days are the ones that feel unlimited. Can be any day really.

Bondo: You were supposed to say Gaper Day. But that’s OK, you’re still cool with us. So anyway, we just hosted the TGR ‘Paradise Waits’ premiere in Whistler, BC, and I gotta say, you pretty much stole the show at the end of the film. What gives? How’d you learn to out shred the men?

Angel: Ah jeez, you’re making me blush. Thanks. I don’t know if I’ve learned to outshred the men, I’m just trying to shred with ’em and keep up! They sure have been patient and supportive peers and teachers. I gotta hand it to that whole TGR crew, I’ve learned so much from them.

Bondo: You pack a fairly unassuming stature, where are all the massive muscles hiding that help you charge like that? Or you all finesse? Or is it just all that tiger face training? Either way it was a deserving Best Female Performance win at IF3. Angel: I am powered by candy. Small short bursts, mostly pixie-stick infused but any Wonka candy will do. I guess it’s mostly the technique that I learned from my racing background that allows me to finesse it. And tiger face training helps too.

Photo Credit: Teton Gravity Research for Paradise Waits.

Photo Credit: Teton Gravity Research for Paradise Waits.

Bondo: I’m gonna try the candy trick, thanks. People were calling your name after the show and hoping you’d manifest at the after party. Creepy, or validating?

Angel: Ha really? Validating for sure.

Bondo: OK, well maybe it was just one guy. But hey, he said it with conviction. Speaking of dudes, it was cool to see you final get a trip/segment with your bro Johnny. Best thing ever or were you more like “Oh my god not this guy again!”?

Angel: Best thing ever. I love being with John. I mean, we better enjoy each other, we live together! Haha. Really though, he’s my best bud and it was so so cool to go on a trip like that with him.

Bondo: What’s the story anyways? Were you two born in a military lab playing god with genes to build super power skier siblings? Or something more humble?

Angel: We were raised in a 5’x12′ closet and fed overripe brown bananas and crumbly dry bagels. Learning to thrive on that, once we were given the opportunity to be fueled by Smarties and Wonka candy, there was no stopping us. Ha! That first part is true though. Our parents included us in the lifestyle that they loved, the mountain lifestyle. Raised on ski patrol salaries, we learned to make the most out of the least and I think that mentality has contributed a lot to get us to where we are now. We’ve always loved being outdoors, and learned at an early age how to deal with being uncomfortable both mentally and physically when you push yourself outside. Once you have that mastered, sky is the limit! Our parents have been a big part of encouraging our independence and strong work ethics.

Bondo: Sounds like good training for Fantasy Camp. How’d you survive weeks of sharing a tent with McIntosh? Hopefully he at least has some good jokes.

Angel: Our alarm clock was him farting in his sleeping bag every morning, which was enough to get us laughing right off the bat every morning, so that was pretty great. I love Mac. We work together really well and he always goes out of his way to give me advice or encouragement. And we can goof off together which is super crucial to us having a good time out there.

Photo Credit: Teton Gravity Research / Paradise Waits

Photo Credit: Teton Gravity Research / Paradise Waits

Bondo: What’s your most embarrassing moment as a one of the few ladies traveling with the TGR circus? Maybe you won’t tell us that, or maybe we’ve already seen it. More maybe you’re made of steal and can’t experience fear or embarrassment.

Angel: I think most of my embarrassing moments come from camping with the guys…. Inevitably everyone talks about poop as a good source of humor and jokes. But if I talk about poop or drop a poop joke, it’s crickets. Boys don’t like when girls talk about poop, even if you are “one of the guys” haha. The Jones brothers especially hate it. I’ve learned to try and keep my mouth shut around that subject, it usually ends up in embarrassment. Unless it’s me vibing with Mac, then anything goes.

Bondo: After opening the film two years ago, and closing it this year, what’s next? You gonna go solo like Sammy C, T Hall, Jeremy Jones and Posh Spice?

Angel: I love that you throw Posh Spice in with those boys. I’m gonna tell them that ha! Yeah I think I’m gonna drop a sick mixtape. Then acquire a posse of hairless cats. That means I have no idea. I am totally honored by the slots that TGR has handed me the past two years and really head over heels stoked about all that has happened the past few years. I’m thinking of taking some time this winter to ACTUALLY train and work on basic tricks and not just say that. It’s hard to learn new things while trying to film. I’ll still go to AK in the spring, but I want to work on my skiing this winter, and figure out how the hell to ride my snowmobile because at this point it is still getting the best of me every time I head out with it.

Angel’s segment from TGR’s flick last season – Almost Ablaze.

Bondo: Oh right training… I’ve got exactly one month to get off my ass and train for ski season. What do I need to do to shred as hard as you this season? I throw crotch grabs like they’re going out of style (because they are) but that’s where the talent stops.

Angel: I’m telling you, candy is the way to go. No! Not really. I just say that to make myself feel better about my addiction. I think crotch grabs are a great start. And actually, maybe the only thing you need! We all just need a signature move and the rest is bonus, in my book anyway. 😉 Finding a fitness program that actually works for you is important. I used to tell myself I had the motivation to do my own workouts and realized after two months of not doing it, that I was lying to myself. So now I go to TRX classes and some ski conditioning classes in Salt Lake City because I do a lot better with someone telling me what to do and encouraging me to go harder (comes from years of ski racing training). But we are all different. It definitely makes a big difference coming into a year strong and having done some prep work- maybe it’s biking, or other outdoor sports if you don’t like the gym.

Bondo: Freeskiing is getting pretty wild and risky. What keeps you in the game? What keeps you drawn to it and chasing it?

Angel: For me, it is a way of life and the thing that gets me outside in the mountains where I find freedom. It gives me a reason to live. I love the freshness and grounding aspects of being in nature. And pushing myself skiing is part of that.

Bondo: As queen of the tiger face zoolander moments in TGR, what can you leave us with to make sure skiers out there don’t take this ski industry thing too seriously?

Angel: I recommend packing a sling shot (can be cheap oldschool Y frame one) with ammo and a costume accessory, whatever works for you. I have a mullet I’m growing quite fond of, but also have a chicken hat with wings that is pretty great too. But those are my tricks- really, it’s just a perspective- but I think life is more fun when you remember to goof off every once in a while.

Angel on Instagram. Check it out and give her a follow, so she doesn’t kick me in the nutts for using all those rad Instagram images in the main image.

Angel is sponsored by The North Face, Smith Optics,, Sony – Action Cam, Black Diamond, SmartWool, Panda Poles, Aseda Raw Honey, Alta Ski Resort, Snowbird Ski and Summer Resort, BURN, and Inkline Foot Science.


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