Skiers Vs Snowboarders – 1985 Epic Throwback


My oh my, if this isn’t the throwback video of all throwback videos. Watching these 1980’s skiers talk about snowboarders is like watching some super awkward glimpse at when society was outwardly racist, or intolerant of different sexualities or disabilities. That’s not to say that snowboarders are gay, or have disabilities, or wait, maybe that’s exactly what the 1980’s ski instructors in this video were trying to say.

Almost every word uttered in this video is pure, unfiltered gold. Let’s recap some of the highlights….

Ski area manager: “We try to keep’em separated, but the snowboarders will come right down the slopes. And they’ll come in between the skiers and we’ll kick them off. And they’ll just lip us off… and they’re DANGEROUS.” 

Ski area manager: “If one of these skateboards or skiboards or whatever they’re called hit a person it’d break their leg! They’re just like a MISSILE. And most of’em have no breaks on them.

News Reporter: “Ski hill operators refuse to let anyone with a snowboard onto the lift. So they have to hike to the top of the mountain, then find a secluded ski trail where they won’t get caught.”

Ski Patrol: “Quite a lot of them are uncooperative, um, some of them have had a little bit to drink. And smart alecks!” “You know you approach them in a calm, collected manner and they tend to lip you off. You ask them nicely to leave, telling them they’re endangering the public and possibly themselves. And they swear at you, they tell you to get lost, mind your own business. So it’s quite a problem for us really. “

Ski Patrol: “The major problems with snowboarders is they run into people. You know they can’t see behind them. You get skiers and snowboarders together on a run, you know you’re looking for trouble.”


This patroller’s moustache means business.

And the real opened minded, forward thinking closer…

News Reporter: “Do you see any compromise in the future at all?”

Ski Patrol: “No, no, skiing is becoming more and more popular. And if these boards become more popular its going to be more hassles, more confrontations, so we’d just like to say that we don’t want them at all.”



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