Ski Tour in Style – Stio Kirby Wind Shirt – Gear Grab of the Week

We scored this little gem from STIO earlier this season, and man is it ever a ski bum’s dream come true. Part ski touring layer, part super casual stylie over shirt, part wind breaker; the Stio Kirby Wind Shirt is pretty much all you need to get through an epic week of skiing and apres. OK, pants wouldn’t hurt either, but you know what we mean.

The 100% nylon shirt is water wicking, fast drying, and wind resistant, all bundled into a totally casual garb. Add the two chest pockets and sneaky internal stash pocket, and now you’re talkin’ full utility. It’s almost better than most performance ski touring layers, because you don’t have the bulky hood that you often wish you could unzip, and the colour is a wicked neck protector on hot days. Doesn’t hurt that you like like a mountain-man version of the Fonz while touring too.

It comes in 4 colours, but naturally Doglotion green is the way to go.

When you’re feeling over-gear-nerded with all your tech mountaineering gear, go grab one of these shirts and add a bit casual awesomeness to your closet.


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