Six Reasons Why The Arc’teryx Rush Jacket is the Ultimate Kootenay Coat

For the past decade in the Kootenays, Arc’teryx outerwear has not only been a staple technical backcountry garment, but a metropolitan fashion piece. As Arc’s cuts become more freeride oriented and more and more people are becoming interested in the backcountry, this year’s winter catwalks of Baker Street and Columbia Avenue with be undoubtably caked with Arc flair. But for those of you who aren’t sold yet, I’m going to give you six reasons why you need to get the Rush Jacket for this year’s winter fashion show.

1. Breathable Enough to Storm into your Partner’s Hot Yoga Class to Yell at Them About not Rinsing the Sprouts

Kootenay families have no borders, including where they’ll bicker about how to properly organize the recycling, make the Kombucha, or what organic food product to name their kid after. With the Rush jacket you can argue anywhere from the top of jagged peak in a windstorm to inside your right hand drive toyota whose windows won’t roll up.


2. Hood is Helmet and Kundalini Yoga Headwear Compatible

Helmets are a standard piece of equipment in snowsliding today. In the Kootenays, so is some sort of appropriated turban, head scarf or skull wrap. The hood will accommodate for all of the above. It can also be snugged up to be smaller if you’re not wearing any head gear. This hood doesn’t detach or stow away – both options seem to make a compromized hood. Instead you always have a properly fitting hood there when you need it.


3. Big Pockets for Skins, Maps, or Shoplifting from Overpriced Co-op Store

I hate having to stop, take my pack off, and get something out of it. So I like to keep a map, compass, notebook, and snacks easily accessible. The chest pockets are big and up front, so you can actually get to them while you’re wearing a backpack. They also fit 12 Clif bars in them without store security noticing. There is also a little pocket on the inside left breast of the jacket about the right size for a cell phone, but be reminded of the risks of a cell phone interfering with you avalanche transceiver when it’s on and in close proximity to it.

4. You Automatically win any Argument Against Someone Wearing a K-Way

Arcteryx Jackets are worn by mountaineers and backcountry skiers, but also a lot of doctors, lawyers, and other intellectual pillars of the community. If you’re wearing one and someone is stupid enough to confront you about your idling diesel truck, public urination, or purchasing alcohol for minors, you clearly have the upper hand. A 3 layer technical jacket with a freeride fit just makes you right – or at least feels so right.


5. Doesn’t Hold Odors From “Medicinal” Products

Soft shell jackets are great for long days of skinning, but start to reek of the bud that’s in your pocket once you start getting warm. The pores of the Gore-tex fabric let warm air through, but keep the dank smell of your “medical prescription” (for inability to enjoy reggae music) a deep dank secret.


6. It Gets Along With Castlegar

I nearly lost my mind when Arc’teryx released a hat called The Castlegar –  a toque named after my hometown. The colour swatches of the toque complement those on the Rush jacket. This is something never been done before: uniting Nelson, Rossland and Castlegar. After 100 years of turmoil, heated Leafs vs. Rebels hockey games and skid gang fights – Arc’teryx has peacefully brought them together. It was worth the Rush.



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