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This just happened. In between low-tide early season ski days, we were busily scheming the all-new and improved Why? To ensure we can all continue to enjoy the wacky world of for many years to come!

Think of the old site as a pair of soiled underwear. Soiled during many an epic powder day. You can wash it only so many times, then you have to throw it out and start afresh.

The new site is only hours old, so bare with us while we iron out some kinks. And feel free to send us a note if you see something you think we’ve missed. For the first while users won’t be able to contribute content, but stay tuned while we revive all your user profiles. In the meantime just send us a link to your story/video and we’ll get it live.

What’s New

  • Mobile Friendly – Peep the new site on your iPhone or iPad. Oooh la la.
  • Spam Proofed – Say good by to robots and Nigerian scammers. Nothing against Nigeria, but no thanks to the spammers.
  • Huge Photos & Videos – Just the way you like’em.
  • Easier Site Means – The less time we have to fiddle with the site, the more quality content we can pump out.
  • WordPress Migration – Yep, we moved the entire site from Drupal to WordPress. That means nothing to most of you, but lets just say life got a whole lot simpler.
  • Podcasts – Audio goodness from Low Pressure Podcasts, Freeskier, and others, streaming right from the comforts of

What’s Coming Soon

  • Users – Sorry you’re locked out of the site right now while we tidy things up, but stay tuned for radness.
  • Feeds – Teasers for all the sweet content on the web, so you can sit back and let us do all the junk filtering.
  • Backcountry – More resources, hut listings, and other goodies.


Huge thanks to all our loyal readers and contributors over the last 12 years. The site wouldn’t be anything without you. Special nod to the recent keeners Chris Mansbridge, Ben Wannamaker, Jill Young, Matt Cote, Brian Coles, Leif Zapf-Gilje, Holly Walker, Matt Francisty and others for all the sweet content.

Special thanks to the current site sponsors who keep the dream alive… Mountain Hardwear, Salomon Freeski, Whistler Blackcomb & G3 Genuine Guide Gear.

And mad props to the crews who literally made the site what it is… Andre Charland at E-Business Apps/Nitobi/Adobe, Drupal ninja Olly Walker at VentureWeb, the old crew at Rain City Studios, and most recently John Birchall at Digit Professionals.


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