Whistler Blackcomb by Mitch Winston

Rumours, Lies and Truth: Post-Typhoon BC Snow Conditions Report


With a strange sense of FOMO coursing through my veins (I’m far away from Canada right now), I decided to see who went shredding this weekend and ask them what they saw. There’s always a strong contingent of folks on the coast who are happy to mangle their bases in early season shred conditions. So all I had to do was peruse the social media feeds of a few of the usual suspects to find out what the f@#k happened after Typhoon Songda had her way with our mountains. (Main image Whistler Blackcomb Oct 18 2016 by Mitch Winston).

It was still storming pretty hard out there, so no one I talked to was able to get up in the alpine. But Chelsea Sullivan, a local Whistler shredder with a strong mountain sense, was able to shred some turns off The Cabin Ridge in Cerise Creek.

She had this to say:

Hiked to 1900m. Dug a pit, rain crust down 30 was an inch thick but well bonded to a quite moist snowpack of a whopping 80 cm’s. The skiing was schmoo-tastic but my first turn at 1900m was quite exhilarating, of course deteriorated at 1800m to a sloppy wet dream. Well worth the struggle!

She also snapped this tasty pic of Christine Feleki laying into a greasy little toeside slasher.

Nice work ladies!

Another frothy correspondent provided this report from a different zone:

Went up Callaghan Zone. Easy access to snow, started skinning 10 minutes above the cabin. Storming hard Sunday so could not see much but looked to be some fun skiing to be had with vis. 1-2 meters deep!

Rando mad man Eric Carter has been logging plenty of turns before and after the storm. Follow his feed for some motivation to get your ass ready for skis season…

There’s also this epic report on The Facebook South Coast Backcountry Touring group from Richard So, Maddy Armstrong and Alex Gibbs:

The pie and dumpling conditions at Tenquille Lake were off the hook. Rich So delivered with fresh dumplings and fresh hut baked apple pie. This was followed by pumpkin pie and another apple pie. There was also ample snow to entertain us between rounds of food. 85cm base on Saturday followed by another 15cm overnight. There was a bit of wind overnight that formed some wind slabs, but the moisture content of the snow kept everything stable. No rocks were unexpectedly encountered. Best day of the season.

And if that does do it for ya, lets not forget what the Whistler web cams have been spitting out lately.

Looking white up there.

Looking white up there.

And a closer look from Mitch Winston at CoastPhoto.com of Whistler on Oct 18 2016…

Whistler Blackcomb on October 18, 2016. Mitch Winston photo.

Whistler Blackcomb on October 18, 2016. Mitch Winston photo.

So yeah, there it is: Lies, rumours and a bit of truth from the great white yonder. Hopefully this early season snow helps the snowpack in the long run as opposed to hindering it, as October dumps have done in the past.

Either way, it’s safe to say that it’s time to stock on Juicy Fruit!


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